Monday, May 01, 2006

Bloglines - World of Warcraft Sucks

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He wants his moeny back. WoW sucks and this is the first time that I am hearing a gamer want their $'s back !!

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World of Warcraft Sucks

By Anthony Townsend

So I paid $44.95. Then I waited a week for a package. Then I spent an hour installing 5 CD-ROMs. Then I spent 1/2 hour trying to sign up for my guest pass on a web site instead of inside the WoW client. Then I had to give up a credit card number and pledge to pay another $15.95 per month after my 10 day trail is up (for a game that, as far as I know has no single player mode). Then I get this crap. Blizzard, you were once Starcraft, and Battlenet, and a place where I could throw the smackdown of Protoss vs. Zerg in a 30-minute frenzy of TAB-clicks and ALT-clicks. Where are you now? Just a bunch of weak infrastructure and lame D&D derivative story lines. I want my money back.

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