Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bloglines - play tag with me

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Randy is very rich at heart. He spurs community participation !!

Yeah --coolzOr picks up on the gaping truth too :)-

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play tag with me

By randy@kbcafe.com (Randy Charles Morin) on best

Last month, I challenged my readership to send me links via del.icio.us using the for:randymorin tag. I got more links than I care to count (hundreds). The best link would be awarded a Amazon book (up to $20 USD). The best link for April was from Coolz0r who sent me the American Dad vs Family Guy flash game. I told Coolz0r to pick a book and he picked Permission Marketing by Seth Godin. Honorable mentions to astreet, femetal, scotbuf, Chris Nolan, Dave Walker, and Sterling Camden, whom also gave links that I re-blogged over the last month.

If I didn't point back to your blog, it's because I'm not sure who you are and simply left your del.icio.us ID.  Ping me and I'll update with a link. Thanks to all that participated.


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