Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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"Wow. Everyone involved in this clusterfuck did absolutely the wrong thing.

Mr. Baines threw a fellow designer under the bus. Arrington posted it to a public blog, in the process confusing thick-skinned with a total lack of social skills. Cunliffe, who had every right to resign at this point, botches the job by doing it over a blog. And now Arrington doesn't know when to shut the fuck up.

It's a perfect storm of stupidity. Good work everyone!" - ANON

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My design is my own

By Robert Scoble on Blog Stuff

Over at TechCrunch land I see a lot of people are calling Mike Arrington a jerk for how he dealt with a designer. ValleyWag has the timeline.

A few thoughts.

1) This is why I do my own design. And I've been derided for that decision too. But, it's ugly. And it's mine. And I don't need to deal with anyone else's hurt feelings if someone calls my design wacky or ugly.
2) I immediately sent Mike Arrington an email when he emailed the design around to a group of his friends and said it sucked. Why? Cause it didn't work on my mobile phone. I hope he fixes that soon. Dave Winer's design is great for mobile phones, by the way. I know a lot of bloggers who read other people's blogs on mobile phones (at Northern Voice almost half the bloggers there said that they read blogs on phones at least occassionally).
3) I really hate the way people deal with each other on blog comments. Going ad hominem just sucks. It's far stronger just to argue ideas and not get personal. But, that's just me.
4) Over on CrunchNotes I sense a lot of jealousy for the position Mike now holds. (He's #1 on the Share your OPML site, for instance). The thing is, I've seen how hard Mike works to get his blog out there and done. Hey, Mike, I know how hard you work on your blog and I really appreciate it. While in the hospital I've been looking for a blog that comes close to watching the Silicon Valley geek industry and I haven't found one that comes close.

Anyway, it sucks having dirty laundry waving in the wind for everyone to see, but it's part of blogging. Not fun part, for sure, but I'll gladly trade places with anyone having a bit of blogging trouble this week.


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