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Bloggers and Non-Bloggers Alike

By Tracy Sheridan on Frank Gruber

Frank Gruber, who authors an excellent blog focusing on Web 2.0, posted about waxxi and our event today.

So, who will be taking part in our interactive podcast on May 20th, other than Robert and Shel? Well, bloggers like Tom Raftery, Zoli Erdos, Alex King, Pete Dawson, Jeremiah Owyang (and many more) for starters.

There will also be neo and even not-yet-bloggers in the crowd –or people who want to explore the idea for themselves or their company.

It should be a lot of fun. We imagine some interesting conversations will result, both during and after the kickoff event (download the PDF here).

(disclaimer: Frank Gruber is currently acting as a strategic consultant to waxxi)


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