Monday, May 15, 2006

Bloglines - Findory in the Wall Street Journal

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findory is gaining traction. He break even last year !!!

Geeking with Greg
Exploring the future of personalized information

Findory in the Wall Street Journal

By Greg Linden

In her article "Me, Me, Me", Jessica Mintz at the Wall Street Journal talks about the dream of a personalized newspaper and efforts to apply personalization to news.

Rojo, Newsvine, and Findory are given as examples of "a new generation of Web start-ups" that "help readers deal with the sheer volume of material that's out there" by learning from "the reading habits of their users" and "then [using] that data to make suggestions to individuals based on what others like them are reading."

An excerpt on Findory from the article: ... relies heavily on the behavior of its users, but doesn't require them to list their interests, select feeds or vote on stories.

Instead, it works on the same principle as's recommendations ... Findory ... looks at an individual's reading history, compares it with similar readers' tastes, and offers up links to stories that similar readers have enjoyed ...

Each time the user returns to the Findory home page after clicking on an article, he or she will find the page reconfigured with a different mix of stories.
Just read articles, that's it. Findory learns from the articles you read, adapts to your interests, and builds you a personalized front page. Findory gets better and better the more you read.

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