Monday, August 25, 2008

Bill Gates is Right on Creative Capitalism

"Bill Gates has it right. Business is the most powerful force for change in the world right now and gives the idea of creative capitalism real power"
The first is the issue of resources
A second force affecting the speed and direction of global capitalism comes from the demand side.
At the same time, the corporate form is changing very fast. New networks of companies and organizations are emerging, new ways of competing and collaborating are becoming more important. Old boundaries are withering.
A fourth catalyst is transparency. Leaders and organizations of all kinds are increasingly operating in glasshouses.
Finally, though less obviously, there is a palpable thirst among people around the world for leadership that is not for sale, for individuals and organizations that are not solely defined by the transactional rhythms and white-hot speed of the marketplace

source :HBS

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The New Frontiers !!

"Now exfiltrators are beginning to make use of streaming data technologies like voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Disrupting or even detecting hidden transmissions inside real-time phone calls is the next hurdle for digital forensics companies" - Spy Vs Spy

This is an interesting article for a Sunday Morning Read.  Earlier we had "Man in the middle" concept. Now we will begin seeing a 'mole'  in real time data streams.  This seems to be another brain child of Ravi Sundaram

Friday, August 22, 2008

Simple is Good !

Keeping it simple in business is vital. In business, as in life, it
seems to be human nature to make things more complicated than they have to
be. In business this can have disastrous consequences because without
simplicity the function of the business can be severely hampered. I often
meet people who agree but it seems big corporations are unable to make the
necessary changes because there are too many people on the totem pole to get
the changes enacted

Thursday, August 21, 2008

HR & Talent Managment

 McKinsey surveys show that business leaders around the world are deeply concerned about the intensifying competition for talent, few companies make it an integral part of a long-term business strategy.
To find out more about how companies can bolster the HR function and successfully recruit and manage employees, read "Making talent a strategic priority" (January 2008).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Researching the Value of Project Management,

Researching the Value of Project Management, will be released soon.  Smartly, PMI released a preview PDF (here) and a 90 minute presentation by the lead authors Janice Thomas and Mark Mullaly, PMP (embedded here).

Mary Adams over at Hybrid Vigor will be particularly interested in the attention paid to intangible benefits (Crossderry posts here, here, and here) in the study, which Kelley Hunsberger highlighted (here).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friend Feed - Pvt Room Usage

I am cleaning up my main life stream on FF. I am getting too much noise and echo of the same stuff that I have already consumed one way or another. However, I will continue to participate on my main page.  Here's a couple of my private rooms and its content ;

My-News Room is for collating all the stuff from Reuters: Top News, AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (AJE)Google News, Yahoo! News: Most Popular , APnews's videos on livevideo , ,  and a wire scrapper ;World News Host.

I  get top line info from all these sites and am on the ball with whatver is happening around the globe. Just spending 5 minutes scanning the top line title header, gives me more then enough info to either dive deeper or not !

Technially I have the worlds News Corps working the news and the news comes to me as soon as the story is cut ! :)-
On that note, I then began leveraging off  the wisdom of crowds. Why go searching for information, let it bubble up to the top and cull the meta set of pages. Content is variable and flavors of preference too, However, that interests me to. And, who has time to browse the net ? So I began crowd sourcing and leverage off the wisdom of others, I Created a Play Pen  
Whatever hits Delicious hotlist ; Digg , what's new online ; BuzzFeed - Latest gets aggregated into this room. I maybe behind the curve while getting a good link. But remember, most of these items can only reach front page, only after many thousands of views and many votes etc. So if the main internet user base finds it interesting , then it will pop up here. So I guesstimate that about 1-2Million users actually use these sites and thereby I am 'feeding' off them like a parasite :)- 
(if you have more suggestion to which sites I should add to this room, please let me know !)
After we had the S3 outage, I then figured out lets create a "cloud status board". I took all the Status board messages and plugged them into this room. What gives here? The Health of the Internet. I can see which services are down and when they went down or up. Think of it as a mini NOC  Tool !! Heres a screen scrap. 
As something that directly relates to my job and profession. Heres a monitoring room on CBSA and, BSA Media  Rather then keep this keep this in my outlook. I mirrored the same into a separate room
Why am I sharing this with you all ?
I want to know ;
1) Is anyone else doing the same with thing - using FF as one big aggregator ?
2) What other Feeds should I be including ?
3) What happens if FF breaks, I have no way to port in and out all my likes, preferences and shares ? Thereby , losing my knowledge thread repository .  
Note: this is only a thin slice of what I got setup :)-

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Round of deep chatter

Many Moons ago, I wrote about the "tapeworm" and then I cut the chatter on current cybergames.

Its only today that I realize that the deep defense mechanisms of 
"Waychopee and Electric Skillet" is not in power with other governments.

The Coalition is losing the war on this front.

'nuff said !!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why does a civil discourse become redundant ?

It starts' with this thread..
where I note this comment ;

"Had it been a mainstream publication, the photographer would have acted like a professional photographer. - Cyndy"

So I ask ;

Cyndy, can you distingush between the two,please. How does a professional photographer act vs a non professional photographer ?? in so much as they are both people and have human reactions. take time to reflect before you give an answer. I have collateral available (on hand) as rebuttal. - You

and to which I get this response

Peter, show me where any photographer is supposed to BECOME a story instead of document one. We are discussing photography, not performance art, aren't we? Because if we are discussing photography AS performance art, then by all means, I'm sure you have collateral available. - Cyndy

to which I reply ;

Cynd.. yes he (kevin) become the story.. as a professional blogger/ professional photographer after he he cut the Devils Dogs 301 letter. So for telling the truth he become the story. <> So lets see, what is the core traits that differentiate a professional photographer act vs a non professional photographer ? is it telling story the best way they can ? not telling the truth ? or what -- please quantify and 4get TH - You

and then I get this quoted back to me (as If I dont know the story in full !! )

We are reading the same story, right? "But I have never in my career been a "gotcha" reporter hoping for people to commit wrongdoings so that I can catch them." and "Anyone who has seen my reporting on television or read my dispatches is aware of the lengths to which I've gone to play it straight down the middle" are right in the first two paragraphs. He was documenting a story and was shocked in people calling him out. He didn't create the story. He didn't put himself in the story. And he was shocked. - Cyndy

but my root question still need to be answered ..its like wtf.. (please keep to the topic on hand and answer my question !!)

@cyndy, why are you side stepping my question ?? just tell me what is differentiator between a professional photographer act vs a non professional photographer act ? just keep it simple and in plain english. - You

And I am still awaiting an answer... Time well wasted ?? I dont think so, because I now have a more the a slight knowledge to what is fluff and what is wool !!

I'll be the first one to take mea culpa if I am wrong.. but what the heck just answer the question. Tell me a Pro will have the current lens, a non pro will not know the correct lightening needed. OR whatever is the differentiator and that what really perks my interest.

Bigger lesson- great people talk about ideas, good people talk about everyday things, the weather, the football games, golf etc. Mediocre people , just keeptalking about people !

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

FF- Fail (Session Socket)

I think this is a session failure. ITS not an FF Bug, rather my box tends to switch WiFi hotspots. So when on spot fails, it just picks whatever is in range. However the kernal can't pass the new socket onto FF (thats what I think !!) 

Monday, August 04, 2008


"What is Wrike? Wrike is an integrated online project management solution that helps you manage projects, teams and businesses. By turning email overload into well-organized plans on the Web, Wrike makes your organization more efficient, transparent and agile. Wrike is collaborative, web-based, easy to use and inexpensive, so you can roll it out company-wide."

Me is not seeing anything about work flow controls and Reports on Budgets, REsource Loading and all that fun stuff that is really needed for PM works