Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Chatter needs monitoring...excellent thought provcations opportunity !!

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Happy Holidays

Hello BlogSphere, Friends and Aliens !!

MY 2 cents seasons greeting is for you is here

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Patents got grabbed

They got brabbed for $15.5M.
The patents, which amounted to seven actual patents and 32 patent applications, include technology that broadly describes the framework for electronic communication and connectivity between a company and its partners, customers and trading partners using XMLbetter known as Web services,1759,1737418,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

Good thought harvest

Fostered a Thought occurrence which I need to harvest later . Steve has still not sent me his book for review..

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

RE: SCM and Textiles

For an industry that makes its money by being ahead of everyone else, few have modernized the all-important supply chain. Koret is one that has invested, however.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Open Source

Enterprises are opening up to open source alternatives to commercial software, panelists said at the SDForum conference “Open Source Entering the Mainstream,” held in Santa Clara, Calif., last week.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Tim Berners-Lee Presentation at MIT

The video is out… listen to it

Intel, in Santa Clara, California, is one of only two multinational semiconductor companies to announce that it is evaluating setting up a fab in India. The other, Cypress Semiconductor, in San Jose, California, announced earlier this year that it was considering setting up a facility to manufacture solar cells in India.

Intel and B'lore

Due to the mission critical nature of Exchange, Microsoft will continue to make large investments in providing tools for the current and previous versions, said Exchange Server Senior Director Kim Akers, interviewed at the company's IT Forum in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

Exchange to get more stuff

Due to the mission critical nature of Exchange, Microsoft will continue to make large investments in providing tools for the current and previous versions, said Exchange Server Senior Director Kim Akers, interviewed at the company's IT Forum in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

Sober Worm

A new Sober worm began spreading early Friday morning in Europe and quickly gained enough traction worldwide that security companies scrambled to warn users and produce new signatures to deflect the attack

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Wow.. This a whopper.. Seagate ships 400GB hardrive.. Are we reaching that TeraLimit for Desktops soon ??

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


@ Close of Business Day : 3:48 PM / 11/16/2004
Current Market Cap (billion) 5.76 B
Shares Outstanding 33,603,000GOOG
Movement : 171.39 -13.48 (-7.29%) 18,567,897
That’s a lot of movement eh ?? 18.56Million shares for today which
 makes that to about 3.173B in todays market trends..WOW !!!

THIS is the next MSFT of tomorrow !!

Scott RFID Monologe

Scott an excellent insight into Search techniues for the future !!

IBM & RFID Research

Q&A with IBM's Paul Horn reveals where the vendor sees the biggest gains from RFID and a new prototype search engine.

RFID vs Viagra

RFID tags will be added to the impotency drug Viagra and the painkiller OxyContin, allowing the medicines to be tracked electronically from production plant to pharmacy. The move is aimed at combating counterfeiting of drugs.

Sharpening the saw !!

FDA is moving into gaming zone


Eh ?? Nokia has enabled v6 stack on their Mobiles !! Its eventually emerging ..wonder what steve deering et al are thinking !!

Friday, November 12, 2004

RFID chatter

The Department of Defense is pushing back to at least February the effective implementation date for when companies must start shipping supplies with RFID tags. The department had been targeting Jan. 1.

RIFD and I2

RFID and other supply-chain initiatives that tie systems together and impove collaboration will be big in 2005, the vendor says.

An old aritcle which coughed up .."Replacing aging homegrown systems lets companies improve supply-chain-generated bottom- and top-line results "  -;jsessionid=UJRFEX1EDOETGQSNDBGCKHSCJUMEKJVN?articleID=18300058

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Weapons free ??

Whewwwwwww.. This is hot hot hot…. Weapons free status !!
"Everything to the west is weapons free," radios Staff Sgt. Sam Mortimer of Seattle, Washington. Weapons Free means the marines can shoot whatever they see -- it's all considered hostile.

This levity continues until the Marines turn the corner onto a main street they've tactically dubbed, "Elizabeth."
Despite the constant weapons fire and explosion that have accompanied our advance -- this one is different -- it's directed at the Marines. As a squad from India Company passes by a way with a spray painted rocket propelled grenade launcher -- a real RPG round explodes against it. One Marines' face is burned by the powder and hot gas -- another has caught shrapnel in the leg, a third has been shot in the finger by the small arms fire that followed. The Marines are outraged. They turn their M-16's on the building to the west where they believe the shooter is hiding. But that's just an appetizer.

Via : KevinSites - Dispatches from a life in conflict.

Stress testing

MSN search beta, stress testing with simple string … is giving this err msg..there's server overload

This site is temporarily unavailable, please check back soon.

RFID Stuff

Heres another round up from NYT..

MSN vs Other Search Engines

Just trying the Search MSN …heres the scoop for "PeterDawson"

MSN = > Results 1-15 of about 36 containing "PeterDawson"
Google = > Results 1 - 10 of about 824 for PeterDawson. (1.32 seconds
Yahoo= >Results 1 - 10 of about 290 for PeterDawson <*-http%3A//>  - 0.22 sec
IceRocket = >Results 1 - 20 of 822 for PeterDawson <> . (0.44 seconds

I notice that 2 of them have the URL's embedded into the display results

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

RFID & Big Blue

The time has come !! RFID is getting endorsements from vertical segment of Electronics.. This moves the whole segement from Consumer Applications to industrial applications too.

This will need to be carefully monitored. Green Services is in the loop. Electronic equipment destruction needs to follow part of the Kyoto Accord !!

Fallajuh Stuff

There 's some great news coming from BBC. Here a satimage too !!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Whewwwwww.. Just got Candidate1 downloaded. Still tweaking extensions and themes. Now I am on home run to .. Once I get this going.. My nerd stick is stacked with all the gizmo I need for road.. Any hotel, any cybercafé and what not !!!

Blogger Corporate

Forrester Researche, Charlen Li gives us a nice review on what a corporate blogger needs to do. This entry needs more intrustive aanlysis .. Later

WTF is MS doing now ????

WTF is MicroSoft doing with dleivering Sharing tools to the government ?? Softening the blow as a move agains Oopen source ??

Monday, November 08, 2004

Microsoft Settles With Novell and a Trade Group

This is indeed interesting.. They actually pay out moneyas part of the settlement ..and their stock prices drop.

But what do they do the day before eh ?? They tweak there common stock prices !! Yes, I actually blogged that too. This means zero stock leverage in all reality for share holder values.

Microsoft To Provide Early Security Warnings to All

Beginning this month, Microsoft will start to publish details about upcoming security updates in a newsletter available to the general public. Previously this information had been available, but only to those who knew about it and would sign a confidentiality agreement, which ended up being a handful of its largest customers.

Via :

Portable FireFox !!

This is hecka kewl nerdstick type of affair !!!   Firefox supports running from removable drives with minimal reconfiguration

GE to sell 60 percent of Indian BPO operation

This is an interesting article. 60% of GE BPO operations will be sold for a tune of $500 million !!
By selling off a part of the equity in Indian software and BPO subsidiaries, multinational companies aim to cash in on investments and pass on the management to others, without losing access to the services captive operations in India provided

Tweaking Stock options ??

Microsoft Seeks To Tweak Stock Option Plan Before Granting Dividend.

Ghung Ho !!! ... "For Microsoft shareholders, the holidays will likely come early this year in the form of a one-time $3 dividend that's part of the company's plan to return some of its $64.4 billion cash horde back to shareholders.

But Microsoft won't hand out the cash unless shareholders allow the company to alter its stock compensation plans, so employees who hold stock options and stock awards aren't hurt by the dividend payout. Shareholders are being asked to approve the proposals at Tuesday's
annual meeting "

Via: Breaking news

Hack 2 Cisco's Pixbox

Hackers reopen stolen code store with Cisco wares. Source Code Club offering code for Cisco's PIX firewall software for $24,000.

The Source Code Club reappeared online Monday, using messages to online security discussion groups to announce that it was back in business. The group is using e-mail and messages posted in a Usenet group to communicate with customers and receive orders for the source
code of several security products, including Cisco's PIX 6.3.1 firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS) software from Enterasys Networks Inc., the group said.

Cisco did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This Clubs in the Ukarines ?? Larry Hobbles is back on intel esponiage !!

Via :info world

GI take On Fullajah

Breaking News :- UPDATED MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2004 1:22 AM ET

G.I.'s Open Attack to Take Falluja From Iraq Rebels.

FALLUJA, Iraq, - Explosions and heavy gunfire thundered across Falluja on Sunday night and early Monday as American troops seized control of two strategic bridges, a hospital and other objectives in the first stage of a long-expected invasion of the city, the center of the Iraqi

Via : NYT

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Impressioniste ??

It kinda crazy, my other blogs are getting more attention. Got over 1510 hits this week..... and the halloween pics got just a little over 1000 hits in just 48 hours !!

SCMv2.0 needs to be luanched. I will need to research the backgrounder on AMPS -notice C189 & C319. I'll seek a rebuttal from Canada Border and Security Agency on these mandates. We'll get the Forum engaged. I noted the "Export Regime".

This will be interesting.. Our Government of Canada will be challegened, once again !!

United States of Canada

Oleg reports a good pic of US/CA ..2020 vision ?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Things grow better with Coke

Instead of paying hefty fees to international chemical companies for patented pesticides, Indian Farnmers are reportedly spraying their cotton and chilli fields with Coca-Cola.

One litre of highly concentrated Avant, Tracer and Nuvocron, three popular Indian pesticides, costs around 10,000 rupees (£120), but one-and-a-half litres of locally made Coca-Cola is 30 rupees. To spray an acre would be a mere 270 rupees.

270 Rupees = £2.5...Now go figure !!!

Nokia Moving in

Great news..Noikia moves into the moblie marker none other.. !!! I have seen their Gadgets in action on the theate !!


TP actually comes out with a good Manifesto on Off Shoring. I blogged it here

MY backlog

Whewwwww.. 3 Days off bloggin and this is the mess (undread RSS)

New Lines = 119
Tech Stuff =115
Geek Read = 70

Other peeps = ..not even going there...

Monday, November 01, 2004

Tyco and Tata India

Tyco and Tata said the world's most advanced and extensive submarine cable system will be transferred to Tata's Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL) for $130 million. Tyco positioned the network for sale last year by writing down the value of the network by $1.2 billion. During the height of the telecom bubble, the network had a market valuation of more than $3 billion.

Another article here .. Corporate America is now being outsourced to India !!

Windows vs Linux

Cutting Edge Tech report (without the hype.. separation of the myth from reality !!!)

Windows vs Linux wars

Oracle again !!

Oracle is again bidding for PeopleSoft.. for the 14th time ??? I had a a riff here

Gmail security Flaw?

So you’ve got a Gmail mail account? Or maybe you’ve just received an invitation? Well, we have some bad news for you: Your mail box is exposed. A major security hole in Google's mail service, allows full access to user accounts, without the need of a password."Everything could get publicly exposed – your received .

via :Nitzan

Bay Area firms hunt top talent

This goes hand in glove with my DotComBubbleV2.0 blog !!

Googl Watch

"Today, Google is still plenty interesting for financial reasons. In the weeks before its shares first went on sale in August, disparaging views about its prospects forced it to lower the target price to $85 a share from $135. By last week, its stock had more than doubled, to $190.64, giving it a market capitalization of $52 billion, more than Ford and General Motors combined. "

Via : NYT

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Solaris 10, Beta7

Solaris 10, Beta7 is expected to be released tomorrow; you should be
be to get it here......


Marines revamp SCM ??

Ok this is the scoop.."A modern military needs more than high-tech
weaponry. It needs an IT-driven supply chain that delivers the right
information and the right supplies exactly when troops need them. To
that end, the U.S. Marine Corps is overhauling its supply chain, which
serves soldiers in Iraq and around the world, with new business
processes and Oracle's enterprise applications. "

..posted on the fly.. !! !:)-


bad timings !!!

Why is NYT posting with a time stamp of :"posted on: Thu, Oct 28 2004 11:00 PM";ei=5090&38;partner=rssuserland
its just 9:41 EDT !!


bad timings !!!

Why is NYT posting with a time stamp of :"posted on: Thu, Oct 28 2004 11:00 PM";ei=5090&38;partner=rssuserland
its just 9:41 EDT !!


Friday, October 29, 2004

Category 3 threat-level viruses

Breaking News : 2:00 PM EDT Fri. Oct. 29, 2004

The latest iterations of the mass-mailer worms include W32.Beagle.AV@mm, W32.Beagle..AU@mm and W32.Beagle.AW@mm

They affect systems running Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.

There ...So now be forewarned !!!

Open source marketing

Open-source web browser Firefox has good buzz, and not just because it's mounting a fundraising effort to buy a full-page ad in the New York Times.

Here's a $100,000 question: Is raising money for a six-figure full-page newspaper ad open-source marketing, as some call it? Perhaps, if you accept the premise that the Mozilla Foundation (the open source organization behind Firefox) is relying on its customer evangelists to fulfill a marketing goal. (As of this writing, more then 9000 have have contributed money toward the ad campaign.) The fundraising effort has parts of the blogosphere talking, but arguably that's due the participatory framework of evangelist involvement"

via : ChurchOfTheCustomer

St. Bernards of St. Bernard closed ??

Oh thats so sad, the Offical St.Bernard dawgs are being sold away at the 17th century old monestary of St.Bernard.

The earliest mention of St. Bernard dogs at this hospice stretches back to 1695. "The issue of those dogs - the famously huge and heroic ones, who toted brandy barrels in legend, who lived here for centuries and sniffed scores of stranded travelers out of the snow is that the descendants of the dogs who gave the breed its name - and this nation a symbol - might be put down or not find proper homes."

These are a really adorable dogs. My Aunt in Holland had on !!

Sun setting the standard !!!

Interesting to boot is that Solaris 10 Beta7 is being release today . Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog says this ;

Sun and Microsoft agree ; Sun and Intel agree ;Sun and the Apache Software Foundation and JBoss agree

Agree on what ?? multi-core computing will be charged per socket.( Read as being per user)

This is really neat , its the same as per seat licene ..correct ??


Thursday, October 28, 2004

CNN live

Stupid ..stupid .. stupid.. cnn live news.. they are chatting about "Munitions Crisis ", yeah I blogged this shit at
"posted by Peter at 1:06 PM" !!!

geeeeeeee... cnn is about 9.5 hrs behind me !!!!


hahahaha.. needed to add Lessig's note on whos leading in technology.. Canada is holding down on #3 spot !!

Delicious is killing me !!!!

Jerry Yang Speaks

This appears to be the First posting of Yahoo' Chief !!!

"This is stuff we only dreamed about ten years ago and its helping redefine what we do with search today. RSS is allowing people to access exactly what they want and wireless is letting us deliver the information wherever you are. People aren't chained to their PCs anymore and neither is search. Yesterday's introduction of Yahoo! Search for Mobile is just one example of how technology is propelling search forward. Search is literally in your pocket and at your bus stop. It doesn't get more integrated than that."
Did I dig for 'david filo" ;
Google : Results 1 - 10 of about 75,200 for David Filo
Yahoo : Results 1 - 10 of about 307,000 for David Filo
Notice the results difference with on query pickup and and parse alogrithm results ??
Yeah yeah David is Yahoo's cofounder ...worth ??
Current Net Worth ($): 1.45 billion Net Worth 2002 ($): 551 million

T-shirt Crazy

My job went to India and all I got was this lousy t-shirt !!

Haystack Preview

MIT release's a new protype for review. Available for download

Synopis : "In digital environments, information can be organized in countless ways. With Haystack, associations, or groupings, can be created among files of any type. E-mails, for example, can be linked to photographs, websites, MP3s, or text documents. This way, a user can find family photographs by searching through e-mails from family members."

This is the second froniter on the Desk Top Search Stratgies !!

Let me know if you download the prototype....I'll finish my current technology review and keep this in the pipeline for review !!!

Munitions Crisis

This is Heavy duty reading..take time too link thru all, this is serious global security concern !!. /pd

" Looters stormed the weapons site at Al Qaqaa in the days after American troops swept through the area in early April 2003 on their way to Baghdad" -via NYT

Theres a couple of good SatCom Pics on Al Qaqaa (the site where the munitions went missing).

"While both HMX and RDX can be used in detonating nuclear bombs, there is no indication that whoever took the explosives has materials for building a nuclear weapon. Those materials are more difficult to acquire" Pike said.

HMX /RDX profile statements


It begins in small ways.. heres the barebones on the new dotcom bubble for business2.0 and web2.0 !!!

".. senior executive assistants will see the greatest increase in starting salaries of any single administrative job classification in 2005, with base compensation expected to rise 6.3 percent to the range of $35,000 to $46,250 annually. Senior executive assistants supporting C-level executives in large firms will likely draw higher starting salaries. Average starting salaries for executive assistants are expected to increase 5.6 percent to between $30,000 and $38,000.
Starting salaries for medical customer service representatives will increase 5.9 percent to between $22,250 and $27,500 annually. Patient registration/admissions clerks can expect starting salaries to rise 5.2 percent to the range of $22,250 to $28,000, and medical records clerks will see starting salary increases of 4.8 percent, to between $20,000 and $24,000. "

Interesting to boot is the SF Bay Area is also going thru the Tech /Talent aqquistion paradigm in a more of big fish eat little fish syndrom !!!

Head Poaching is yet to begin ??

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

iPod Photo

This is real kewl.. stuff..

" iPod Photo delivers a one-two sensory punch. Letting you carry an entire library of your favorite music — up to 15,000 songs — or enough photos — as many as 25,000 — to fill nearly 200 slide trays or cover nearly 5,000 square feet of wall space. ...Use the included AV cable to connect iPod Photo to a projector or TV. You can mesmerize friends and family with a glorious multimedia experience, offering them a breathtaking slideshow accompanied by the music you already have on your iPod Photo. Of course, you get to choose the songs, albums or playlists. " !!

Pretty impressive persosnal Entertainment channel eh ??

NASA tops Speed computing

NASA makes the list again.. (they were out in the cold for quite some time !!)

NASA's Project Columbia supercomputer, which went online yesterday, has clocked a top speed of 42.7 teraflops, or 42.7 trillion floating point calculations per second.

long standing No. 1 performer, the Japanese Earth Simulator. More details will be out at the SC-Conference on Nov 6-12th /2004.


Google buys Keyhole

WTF is Google doing ?? I know that key hole was a suprise entry into the Web2.0 conference (at least they opened their doors , ie.

Spectrum of services..."Keyhole maintains a multiterabyte database of digital images of geographic locations, culled from satellite and aerial snapshots. Users can enter an address and pull up an image of the specified area; they can also create flyover animations of locations such as venues and neighborhoods. "

But does anyone know that Pic of the week ; at one point of time was being beamed down by ??


Wendys for Lunch

yummy yummy yummy... A Wendy's Spicy chicken Breast w/fries and Ice Tea for Lunch.. !!

Love these girls in the office, I dig them.. they always remember me when they go out !!

Its great to have a nice burger @ blog time and also create my meal online .. its fun !! :)-


CEO bloggers

Seth Godin - Marketin guru comes out with a good notation that the CEO's are rearing to go !!

But what of Coco-Cola being caught with thier hands in the jar too ?? Sometimes these Corporate Bloggers don't really respresent the freedom of the blogsphere. via :SteveR

So Will this Corporate Bloggy thing really work for them ??

Revenue drivers thru Adsense

Oleg started this thought process..darn him.. !! His posting is here ( actually slept on this for quite some time)!! Makes my mind spin in terms of marketing morals etc !!

Ok here's the deal, what happens if you pepper your posting with comments from mulitples pesudo users...each comment is populate with the URL setting of that of a unique Adsense Link

Now SiteVisitors normally are inquestive by nature and they just click the commentor's link to surf onto that person site /blog .... ..but then they get directed to an adsense link.. so the CTR (Click Thu rate) from your site actually bounces up...

So what gives...create a parser for RSS Adsense feeds, create a script which populates comments on a blog page and then wait.. it can be done manually also.. .. so If you create 10 comments with 10 adsense links.. what happens ?? at least 1 in 10 vistors normally try to review other sites /urls correct ??

Did this make sense ?? what of marketing morals and other stuff like that ??


Monday, October 25, 2004

Suns Blogger

I am beginning to love JS's postings !! yeah yeah thats the CEO of SUN !!

newgator free !!

This is kewl, they are allowing a free outlook intergration !! Should I try this out or not ??

RFID Journal

Harvard sends me a good link. Now I can watch the RFID unfolding !!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

This is Crazy - Platypuses !!

"The weird and wonderful duck-billed platypus just got even more weird and more wonderful.
Platypuses are famous for laying eggs yet producing milk, having a bird-like bill and a skeleton with reptilian features. Now it turns out that the mammal has an equally eye-catching way of deciding its sex, according to a study by Frank Grützner and Jenny Graves at the Australian National University in Canberra, and colleagues.
In most mammals, including humans, sex is decided by the X and Y chromosomes: two Xs create a female, while XY creates a male. In birds, the system is similar: ZW makes for a female, while ZZ makes for a male.
But in platypuses, XXXXXXXXXX creates a female, while XYXYXYXYXY creates a male. In other words, rather than a single chromosome pair, platypuses have ten-chromosome chains that determine their sex. "

Eh ??? Then the odds are that they are more advanced then the human species !!!!!

Code-named Magneto

Microsoft is going through the nth mile now !!

"The latest version of .NET Compact Framework, Microsoft's technology to enable Web services on mobile devices, will be built into the ROM.
Magneto will come with ActiveSync 4.0, a new version of Microsoft's desktop synchronization software. At this point, Magneto is expected to be called Windows Mobile 2005, and to be available in the first half of next year. "

Via : OSnews

Blogging Stat's

Corporate Blogging is a going a big Way. Microsoft tops the list. BLOG at MSDN
No mentiond of Other !!

Mikhail Gorbachev's at Google

This is pretty kewl Mikhail G actually addresses the Google Team.

google Growth

In other words, Google doesn't seem to be doing well because it's selling more ads. Instead, it's managing to somehow make much more profit off those sales. How? I wish I knew. I've yet to see that explained in the various pieces I've read.

Meaning of Life Project

This is an interesting , thought idea generator !!

via EvHead

Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Art of Conversations

A very good Posting by Robert (Microsoft Geek !). Also take the time to read the coments !!

Friday, October 22, 2004

True Community Flick'r

I posted a Thought Flick'r at TomPeter's blog. This was again Blogged as a community request, which acutally generated over 44 comments within 24 hours !!!

Now thats a big Wow !!


My GPS Unit Will Be Watching You

"Every Step You Take . . . Every Move You Make . . . My GPS Unit Will Be Watching You"

Technology may be ushering in a golden age of stalking, in which predators use GPS, cellphones and other devices to track and terrorize."

Robert Sullivan became America’s first documented GPS-enabled stalker, we are faced with a classic technology dilemma, as perfectly legal and useful devices are turned to less savory ends. GPS units help to track rental cars, Alzheimer’s patients, wandering children, wandering cattle, wandering fur coats. Miniature video cameras monitor babysitters, and keystroke-recording software monitors children’s Internet use. But just as drug dealers appropriated beepers and terrorists the Internet, these technologies and more are being embraced by a new breed of high-tech stalker.


RFID Chaos

RFID's still seem to have a major industry glitch. Bar Codes are
well-entrenched and this will continue for many years ahead .


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Web2.o Presentation stuff

Good Posting !!

Steve's comments

Excellent Interview by Steve Ballmer - CEO MicroSoft !!

"But Bill comes back every day and says to me, "Come on, man, what's the problem? "

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Geek Dinner-1st Call

Turn out was Great of nearly 12 peeps. Randy, Oleg, Mike, (Mike blogged the meeting first !!) ..way to go Mike. !!! .. .Cathy, Peter et al... ... and I dont really rember all the names.. !!! forgive me !!!

Next time, I need to get blog cards !!


Update : Randy Posted Pix here

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

MS - True Research

Rick Rashid is doing exactly that.. what is currently called as ..
"'Keeping found things found on the Web' or 'KFTF'."


The Red Pope Speaks !!!

The Red Pope Speaks !!! ... A single voice in the wilderness of nowhere !!!

Grovy compassion in a more enlightening way

Via: Dave


Google AutoFill

This is IETF RFC !!
Status : Category: Informational

Value Stream :"A digital wallet is an application or service that assists consumers in conducting online transactions by allowing them to store billing, shipping, payment, and preference information and to use this information to automatically complete merchant interactions."
Principle :Trust - "To complete forms on sites that you trust, just click the enabled AutoFill button. If you haven't entered any AutoFill information that applies to the current page, AutoFill displays the AutoFill tab page in the Toolbar Options window. Once you've entered your information on that page, clicking the AutoFill button will automatically complete a form".
End of privacy :" This is the end of the personal privacy. Google now knows everything you read on the web, they search your e-mail and now they know about the dope hiding in your sock drawer."
I notice a gmail field coloured out (pale yellow).. investigate further .. and the above is what I see... very interesting to note..there is no chatter on this.. !!!
Google is fun , yet if it calls Mother ship ...we are all toast !!
Update : This new occurence /obversation is between 16:ooHrsEDt/19/10/2004....and as of this update !! :)-

Halo2 again

Halo 2 is racking the bucks !!!

Previous Post


Maybe the television suffered an identity crisis. Maybe it aspired to higher things.Whatever the reason, van Rossman's TV set sent out a cry for help. It began emitting the international distress signal on the night of Oct. 2.

this is so wacky !!

Via : boingboing


Friday, October 15, 2004

RFID & Walmat Again

This is Lessons Learned from the WALMART Strategy

Google DT search

Downloaded this sucker..still indexing..may take more then 16 hrs .. I don't think Google DT Search can obtain Zip index files and .tar files !!

Look and feel is just great.. no slowness in the sytem found (yet!!)

more follows...


Update : Tinkered a wordfile with catchpase "googlelite" zip the darn bugger and Google DT Search cannot find the phase or index the contents of the zip file.. that sucks !!

Leadership at Wharton

This is a good Article via Rajesh

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Beta Testing

Pretty slick so far. Need Publishing model


7-Eleven is going beyond the RFID mandate.

Halo2 leaked !!

"In a statement, Microsoft said it was investigating the leak, adding that it was "aggressively pursuing the source of this illegal act".

Halo 2 is due to go on sale worldwide in the second week of November.

Via : Eric

"We're asking anyone with information on the source of this leak to contact Microsoft at 1-800-RULEGIT or send email to Pending the result of our investigation, we do not have further comment."


Google SearchBeta

They have got into the search wars !!

"The search utility itself indexes Office documents such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and e-mail clients Outlook and Outlook Express. One rather sweet feature is the utility's indexing of the browser cache; now finding pages you have visited in the past is extremely fast and easy, but currently only Internet Explorer is supported for this feature. "

via : source , Google Details , chatter ; here... but requires certain h/w conditions !1

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Picketing Chatter

Just could not resist blogging this... thread !!

Someone wrote : "Just wondering what's happening today at your offices, anything exciting? Are the picketers in your view? Are you experiencing any long delays? Seems our EDI is running well, no delays to speak of. "

Someone Replied :"It is hell here today. There is a minimal 100 picketers outside our window. They are blocking trucks at 20m in intervals and then letting very few in before they block again. The police are here but they are letting them carry on with this procedure.If that's not bad enough they are also blocking the exit that the drivers use once they clear customs. The back up of trucks is as far as I can see, so they are probably looking at delay times of an hour or more just to get into the customs compound."

Another Replied :"Fort Erie is experiencing about the same situation as Windsor. All you can hear is the drivers honking horns. Picketers are allowing one truck every twenty minutes to procedure to the QEW. Most Customs Officers feel it will be over by Friday.. Hope they are right."

Someone wrote "Here is the latest from our two border offices (Windsor and Fort Erie)"

I really wonder if a business community blogs away critical events (not just the geek stuff), won't this make a HumanityV2.0 better ???

Just a thought !!


Google Moves into India

Yes, this was not surpraising. India is the next growt engine !! What took them so long ??

"Google saw India as its next destination for overall expansions. "-Larry Page

MicrosSoft Products Suck !!

Hmmmmm.. this is interesting thoughts from Rob. S. , Evangelist for Microsoft.

From PC tablets to search engine Communities. He's now moved into a the most profound dynamics of all, by openly admitting the mistakes that Microsoft makes. ( Wonder if he ever read MicroSoft Rebooted!!).

Anyway, the very nature of his blog implies a very important (VERY=BIG WORD) mindset change with the corridors of MicroSoft. They need more of his breed around. Sanjay P., I think has given him a good peep talk on the nature of following ones heart to create "true lovemarks". Thats exactly what the Mac Community dote on Apple, yet with MicroSoft, everyone still crys wolf !! Its only when the whole of MicroSoft begins to behave, think and act like Rob, will they be able really move into the hearts of their customers. Say what you mean, mean what say, and always tell the unvarnished truth. ALWAYS !!
All companies are born to die, just like all people are born to die. Being on the of the richest Corporates, does not mean that one has the right to do as one please. Pleasing the customer is the most important aspect of the brand Harmony. I wonder if they have a brand Manifesto, I would like to see that .... :)-

I blogged this sometime ago.

Rob, if you ever read this .. "ALL PRODUCTS SUCK !!", every customers whats just that little bit more then what you can provide !! ... Yeah and make yourself a TIB as your begin your quest.. and best of luck dude !!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Whats is Google doing now ??

"To sample GooglME you must be in the US, which is the only place you can use Google's SMS service; download it from here, or point your WAP browser to, which will autodetect your phone. There's a MIDP 1.0 version too."

Community Transaction sharing

I need an agregator that can pull info only for a specific condition. E.g. a transaction. However, there could be many2many connects , each syndicated to their own settings. What happens, if this happens ???

Slap and Ship, manufacture & Slap ???... where should I slap first ??

RFID & Auto's

RFID is becoming a naughty gizmodo ..everyone is trying it !!

Companies are adopting RFID.

Aha! A figher !!!

Yes, this Women needs a clap....make that many Claps.. She's Awsome !!! Her BLog on Wiki's is also a know fact, plus the her observations on gender birds is pretty kewl

Way to go Liz !! {clap clap clap}


Indian CyberSecurity Beefup ?

India needs to beef up its cyber security issues. Needs to be read in conjuction with my last blog on Bangalore getting tough on Cyber crimes.


7 critical Seucrity issues with Windows

Details can be found here Details of the 10 bulletins and remediation procedures can be found at Microsoft's Web site.

What Lovers Tell Us About Persuasion

This is interesting... "there was a third set of communicators who employed a breathtakingly simple and successful procedure that we term the relationship-raising approach. Before making a request for change from their partner, they merely made mention of their existing relationship. They might say, "You know, we've been together for a while now" or "We're a couple; we share the same goals." Then, they'd deliver their appeal: "So, I'd appreciate it if you could find a way to change your stand on this one." Or, in the most streamlined version of the relationship-raising approach, these individuals simply incorporated the pronouns "we," "our," and "us" into their request."


Oracles Drops bid ?

Oracle's hostile $7.7 billion bid for rival software maker PeopleSoft
could drop by one-third to one-fourth, Oracle co-president Safra Catz
said Monday.

< a href ="">Orac;e
Drops Bid

4 Km to Iran !!

Heres a classic pix of the then old trade routes, now under DOD

Dream Stuff

This is a kewl posting from Tom Peters

I luv this guy's posting.. !!!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Pay Pal Problems

Breaking news. I was pretty lazy for a thanksgiving evening!!!

source ScrpitingNews

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Web Metrix0.6

Code name webMetrix0.60. Technology preview. Just downloading the
stuff.. can't wait to see this bugger run..


KM and Blogging

Software has names (people) attached to it nowadays. There's status.
Tim just called me a cross-over from Open Source to the Blog world.
Blogging is working the enterprise where KM failed.

thru' Syndirella ??

There is an RRS aggregator out there which is called as"Syndirella" !!
I also see a new Blog Engine there.. yet no code name for it !! Web
Metrix is deep beta

Development Team all Longhorn associates.

Nikhil is rocking !!!!



A good Clip from Joyce W.

A quote from the sacred book of the Mayans called the PopolVuh:

“We did not put our ideas together. We put our purposes together. And we agreed. Then we decided.”

Saturday, October 09, 2004

RFID & Walmart

I needed a track back !!

google Image ??

Why is Imaging not being mentioned ?? This is kewl for Document referenceing !!
Raving lunatic living on the edge at the fringe !!

100 GB email account ??

Whats happening here at ?? a 100GB free email account ??

Sounds like an idea , just signed up..lets wait for the pwd .. they
say it takes 6 weeks to get !!!

Raving lunatic living on the edge at the fringe !!

Search Results

Just doing some Casual Innovations Analysis

key :PeterDawson
Yahoo:Results 1 - 10 of about 250 for PeterDawson - 0.11 sec.
Google:Results 1 - 10 of about 352 for PeterDawson. (0.23 seconds)

another Key :Googlelite
Yahoo: Results 1 - 10 of about 23 for Googlelite - 0.10 sec
but....WTF is this ???
그놈 한국 IRC
그놈 한국 IRC HanIRC에 개설된 #gnome 방으로 접속하면 됩니다. ... # 01:20:55
googlelite요 ; # 01:21:03 ... 14 아 googlelite쪽은 저도 유용하게
써요 흐흐 ...

Google :Results 1 - 10 of about 15 for Googlelite. (0.71 seconds

What strikes me is that the core still remains the same, my postulate
still is still being picked up
Raving lunatic living on the edge at the fringe !!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Search StrategyV2.0

Thsi is good Data !! In terms of b/end engines. I never know IceRocket Exisited !!

Hits per day very Impressive !

CIA's report on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Here's another kewl toy from Clusty !!

Try it, feel it and you'll love it ..and if this not an innovation , then me is toast !!!


Never is execution more important than when innovation is at the heart of a strategy. That is because innovation always involves treading into uncertain waters. And as uncertainty rises, the value of a well-thought-out strategy drops. In fact, when pursuing entirely new business models, no amount of research can resolve the critical unknowns. All that strategy can do is give you a plausible starting point. From there, you must experiment, learn, and adapt.
A good point .. cutting edge means , throw yourself over the cliff and hang in there !!!

On The Wings Of Hope

Sending my warmest thoughts
Here I am writing once again
Hoping I can lift your spirits
Or perhaps ease your pain

I am writing these words today
Because I am thinking of you
As I send my heart to yours
With love timeless and true

Happy Thanksgiving
Luv you


Top20 Security Vulnerabilities (Updated) ~ The Experts Consensus

The Top 20 is widely used by organizations as a security benchmark.


This week's- 1Minute Strategies:

This week's - 1 Minute Strategies:

* Don't avoid introducing someone just because you forget his or her name. Admit - and apologize for - your poor memory. "I so enjoyed talking with you at last month's conference. I can't believe your name is escaping me right now, when I want you to meet my colleague, Jane Gibson. I'm so sorry." Then, repeat the name aloud, to show that you're making an effort to remember it this time. And if someone neglects to introduce you to another person, step forward, extend your hand and do it yourself.
* Don't appear disorganized. When working as part of a team, determine who will deliver information to the boss ….. and who won't. Example: Will the person gathering training-cost estimates present them to the boss, or will the team leader do it?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Breaking News - Oracle in trouble ?

Breaking News !!! 7:16 PM EDT Thu. Oct. 07, 2004

"Oracle on Thursday again extended its $7.7 billion offer to PeopleSoft Inc. common stock holders, making the $21 per share price available through midnight EDT on Friday, Oct. 22, an offer previously set to expire at midnight on Oct. 8. This marks the thirteenth time Oracle has pushed out the expiration date of its offer"


Everthing is happening !!!

Google Luanches SMS, this the chatter on the net. All this is happening as WEB2.0 is in progress. Google, also launches the Personalized Search Application.
KeyHole, a suprise entry. Digit Imaging has been declassified, Geo Stuff is avialable on the desktop.
Feedster Syndicated Feeds - Grabs the market !! Excellent Products range.
Joho blog also feed nice information.
Podcasting, with BitTorrent and iPodder is there. Yet, there is no protocol for iPodder to iPodder talk. Stright line of data transfers. Starter Kit for Podcasting .
CEO-MicroSoft engrages Community.
Roja luanuches Beta Aggregator !! Good Reviews.
Further reads : Here, Here, and Here.... more follows !!
MSCE luanched... , & Longhorn ..not chatter.. :)-
Yahoo makes a side move with Yahoo!Next and Yahoo!Local, plus there RSS methods and UI. Looks good actually. Yahoo hold the patents(?) . They hold the key
However, Google has the methods done !!
These are interesting times.....

Reading my Brain ?

Researchers have identified a circuit in the brain that appears crucial in converting short-term memories into long-term memories. The circuit links the major learning-related area of the brain to another region that governs the brain's higher functions. The studies may open the way for eavesdropping on one of the central processes in learning and memory.

California Institute of Technology published their findings in the October 7, 2004, issue of the journal Nature.

Reading my brain is 'Nature' ????

Did I get this wrong ???


B'lore on the Map aggaain !!

IBM creates a new Open Source with the biggest brain mass of all. C-DAC , IIT's and the works !!

Why is C-dot not part of this ??? Sam Patrodo's Legacy worked "every village to have a phone
by yr 2000".!!

Update : Pure BPO's to India - not the correct flavour of the day!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Search Strategy

This is conceptual model of what happening , out there.

She talks about novelty analysis, using the "Difference Engine" they've .... They have a prototype called News Junkie that pesonalizes news using onfromation novelty:

This is then followed by ..."he talks about noisy channel information finding. For example, in spelling correction the system tries to figure out what the original (intended) spelling was based on the misspellings introduced by a "noisy channel." We're moving from "doe sthe page contain the query terms" to "Does the page satisfy the information need."

I see a complete behaviour methods being captured, used as part of aHerustic Model to sustain branched patterns growth, along with Confidenece Rating per method. It reminds me our oldf GEOIND project.

On this thought flick'r , I have a blog here !! ( a little bit more deeper, I think).


China Growing

Jeremy is sending out really kewl info from Web2.0 conference. He's very precise reading. Yet, he leaves imagination wide open for the reader.

I know that China growing, but wtf is Mary Meeker ?? Trade Data from WTC and other places dont have what Mary / Jeremy has noted. Yes, China is a place to find work, it would be nice to ride a biycle from work to home and still moblog the chicken sales in the community market.

Are there still Triads in China ?? I dont want to be kidnapped!!! Big deal, once they kidnap me they have to pay someone to take me away.... me is good at being bad and when I get bad I just get better !!

SAP moves into RFID

SAP's RFID platform is based on SAP's NetWeaver integration and application server middleware, including the software vendor's Auto-ID Infrastructure and SAP Event Management applications, and on Infineon's You-R Open software, designed to connect readers, smart tags and other RFID devices with back-office software.

Microsoft moves into this Sphere too !! and this goes beyond the RFID manadate

With the DOD going RFID full for inventory and This will happen by a 2007 mandate.

However, there are concerns about market thresholds and standards. Like Oracle is upbeat with China. Other concerns... This playing feild is wide open for opportunity!!

Finally, RFID will tell you what you need to know in Kobe, Japan !!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

WEb2.0 source

Ok this was the source of Webv2.0.

Kewl, so this means .." more than 550 registered (yes, you can still come, but today is the deadline for the pre-show price. Walk in tix are quite dear). ".....

....this means $2396/- per person.. which implies $$1,317,800.00. Ok thats one event only..add on the fringe stuff.. I dunna ?? split it in between seminat stuff, food&beer, bed & breakfasat, booze, nitcaps blah blah stuff !! Over all spend for all = $2.4M ??

an't that a healthy spend for a 3 day event ?? ..minimum spending !!!

..what about the harverst ???


Legg Mason's =The next Most powerfull .....!!

"Legg Mason Funds Management Inc. and Legg Mason Capital Management Inc. collectively own 4.3 million Class A shares of Google, or 12.77 percent, as of Sept. 30, said the filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

At Tuesday's closing Nasdaq price of $138.37 per share, the 4.3 million shares are worth about $595 million. Google shares were sold to the public at $85 each, which would give Legg Mason a gain of $229.5 million if its stake was bought in the initial public offering in August. "

Ok, so they just have double (12.77=25.14).. or whatever they say.... go figure with my blog here



He just quit google !!! and into web 2.0

Google email notifer !!

Is pretty Kewl !! I love this notifer !!

Web2.0 Chatter

Getting Quality chatter from here, He's good reading.



..and also here


If the Worlds richest man says this at the chai house. , then theres some serious considerations on code name Longhorn !!

Microsoft also has to revamp the codebase !!

Computer makers were said to be pushing Microsoft for a release that would not take until 2007 to deliver

Breaking News- My Company Sold !! exciting !! Q3 end seemed the best entrance strategy. 3 months to level out and UPS now becomes the largest Player in the market. Now, thats something that I like. But, how long will this transit from MWW to UPS will take ??

Anyway, The playing field becomes bigger..more exciting now. I had this feeling it was coming, but then again.. wh know's eh ???

NYSE quick quote : 1300HRS EDT
Since resuming trading, shares of CNF were trading at $43.89, up $2.04, or 4.9%, on heavier-than-normal volume. Earlier, the shares hit a new 52-week high of $44.03, up from the previous high of $43.01 reached July 21. The 52-week low, set $30.50, is Feb. 17.

MArket watch : UPS and FedEx have a combined market share in the U.S. of more than 70%, while DHL holds just 6% of the market.

UPS is also a major player in RFID.

Read my RFID blogs here

I whisper..."Do I still have a job ?"



Just got of the Lightening Investor CNF Concall. Some the question from investors and answers (described as my thought flick'r) !!!

What is the risk management strategy for synergy cohesiveness for Sales& Market and how will the gains be used for new business strategy ?
Proceeds not to be used for aqusition but will be used to merger costs. These costs will be leveled out in 2005 and effects will be approx a penny a share!!

What happens to the remaining 2 business Units. Will there be cost cutting and plan to create a synergy for collobration of these units under one umberalla.
Yes, we will rightsize to move all units under a single folio. Global Solutions is the projected way for the current folio!!

Was the logistcs pices on the table as part of the deal ?? Were options were on the table ??
Aquistion team opted for various pieces.

What is the MWW head count that will be transfered to UPS ?
All head counts will go to UPS.

How does the Depreciation leveling look like once the complete transfer has occured ?
About 2or 3 cent costs per Quarter. No offset at current projections.

Commitment for tendering or calling for debt ratio and what is the credit rating standings ?
Postive comments from credit rates. Covenent with the Banks is in good standing. No degradtion to investment grading. Debt instruments is being used for leverage of Cash accruals (130Millon).

Timing for closure of Transaction
3 jurisdication needs to be looked. Transaction closure slotted for end of Q4/04.

Outsourcing contracts for MWW. Do these Outsourcing go with transaction ??
They go with the Transaction to UPS.

Tradelines that being given up to UPS. How much was market segmentation.
1/3 is import, 1/3 is exports and approx 1/3 never touched the US.

Summary Brief
CNF is moving towards a consolidated Global Logistics player. The merger of Conway, Menlo Logistics, Vector SCM will formulate leaner organization, which will prove higher investment rations. CNF's strategy looks firm. Growth factoring looks ripe. time will tell !!!!

UPS's strategy should be based on assimliation with a "new wave culture" theory, to sustain vision of Broader Supply Chain Initatives to enable Global Commerce.


CBSA staff on Strike ??

Many federal government employees (including CBSA staff) will be in a legal strike position as of Thursday. As such, work disruption could take place in the form of "work-to-rule", rotating strikes, or a full-scale walk-out.
The service provided by the Electronic Commerce Unit will continue 7/24, but, with very limited resources. We will, therefore, have to suspend some activities to accommodate urgent production matters. For example, client testing and the addition of new profiles will not occur during strike days.
We will update our hotline message as the need arises to advise if/when the ECU has scaled back service. We regret the inconvenience that this may cause you and we thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

This is Ridicules !! As an entiled citizen, I protest this behaviour !!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Testing Remote Filing/Mobloging

Mobloging Worked !!! The only sticker is that I am getting a signature mark, where I can't figure out where it comes from !! Next is to get my photo site up and going.

Update : Leaning towards Yahoo for everything. They just launched a preview of My Yahoo! Search. Excellent way to go. I love their beta RSS feeds too. But its slower then Bloglines. The "stickiness" of bloglines is better. Faster feed and update cycle's.

There is still no update's feeding on the Search engine Wars. Everything become silent suddenly !! Whats happening ?? Is the NDA a very tight noose around thier necks ??

Likewise the squabbles between Google/Yahoo.

Om Malik is off the air on this very important footnote!!

Technorati Hackathon reachs out for me. Will observe only.

More follows on this quest...


Canadian IP Protection

Canadians appear to be constructing a copyright policy in complete harmony with the needs of American and international capital.

Way to go Canuaks !!

Via Boing Boing

Shes THE Player !!

Sh'es Yahoo's intel, behind all the facade.
Search Champs initiative, by Microsoft luanched. Misbehaving is complaining. Host is accomodating.

Main play is "Srinija Srinivasan", shes the key, on the search engine wars !!

Update Update !!

No mention of Dave W ?? Multiple- Sole Authorship for OMPL/RSS 2.0 and coauthored with netscape and microsoft ??? He's the main interface man!!

Technorati Hackathon, San Francisco: Wed Oct 6, 2004

This is interesting...

Need to know basis !

Telcoms hiding behind Fed Ruling!!

"But after more than a decade of making such carrier outage reports available to the public, the FCC in August ruled that the information will be kept secret, lest it fall into the hands of terrorists."

Now go figure, why telcom's have monopoly !!!

Sun Microsystems is exploring a margin-negative model

Sun is moving downstream towards market capitalization thru 'handout' type, market peneration technique. Sun is seeing notable presense of competition (stiff!!), from Red Hat !!

So whats with actual deal here ?? How does Dell respond? Do they call Microsoft and have an uncomfortable conversation and say can we have the software for free?

Breaking News on Xprize !!!

SpaceShipOne reaches over 360,000 feet to win the $10 million ANSARI X !!

NASA stands humbled by the Xprize Team. With budgets which looks likes crumbs based on NASA funding allocation !!

Hurray for Paul Allen and team !!!
Rock on Dudes !!

More on RFID !!!

RFID is going big. This is what the Lean appraoch has to to say about it.

Read my RFIDVx.0 blogs for tread analysis

Value Streaming Indian -Outsoucing !!

Eh ?? What did the World Bank Institute think ?? That the Indian VC's willl outsource to Brazil , Mexico for software production ??

Ok so what does World Bank have to say about all the American Manufactuing Jobs being outsourced to China ?? Were there VC's involved with that too ??? Or just plain old cost factors ?? if that is so then why would Indian VC pump values streams towards India ?? Simple, India's the best for Software Services. Their labour is Cheap and they get the work done !!!

Interesting Kerry Vs Bush comments !!

This is interesting read via Seth Blo'gs

IT in tears !!

The relationship between IT and the rest of the business needs to be like a marriage with a good deal of mutual give and take. Failed marriages can be saved but it isn’t a comfortable process for the partners. Harsh truths have to be acknowledged and long-standing habits changed but the rewards can be great when IT and the business pull together and deliver a coherent strategy !!

Pity that this site is not RSS feed !!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Google Audio Search

Google is going the whole nine yards. This is serious, frontier type movement !!

This is link into my Google/Yahoo Wars'

Breaking New - NYT!!

Cutting edge Breaking New !!! THE NYT EXPOSURE will change the political landscape. Political Maneuvers in play. VP Debate on Tuesday.

This article has been released in a JIT for landscaping changes.

Need NYT registration for viewing.

Breaking New - NYT!!

The article is cutting edge news!! The NYT exposure really will take the wind out of the Bush Campaign. Political Maneuvers are in play. Next VP debate on Tuesday!!

NYT registered Users

Pusedyo Reg.Users

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Hunt is on !!

Unless your RSS userland, can you get this info !!

"It's a trend on the rise right now," Mr. Gartenberg said, "especially for employers, who get a much better sense of a person this way. Résumés and interviews are a very scripted process; read someone's Web log and you get a good sense of that person's thinking and perspectives."

Are you an prospective employee ???

Tickle's the brain !!

So this is whom I am ????

My Results metrix !!
Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas.

It sucks to be me !!!

Kinky ...Google Cuffs!!

Google needs human capital consumption to sustain growth. Yet , there is, "The loss of key employees is a real risk for a technology company after it goes public," said Eric Jackson.

"Based on Google's share price of around $130, senior vice president Bill Coleman estimated that around 60 percent of the 1,900 Google employees with the company at the end of March each now hold stock options worth at least $1 million."

Go figure... approx $2,166,000,000,000 market captialization...and that is in ...$$$ value !!! as per NYSE and Nasdeq!!

Is this true ??? $130 x (60%(1900 employees)) x 1,000,000.00 worth??? = $$2.1 Billion ???

Is my thinking wrong ??

What a wierd "La La La La" !!!

To the Future generations, hit the link on title !!

What does this mean ??

Sorry! There was an error: Can't evaluate the expression because the name "p" hasn't been defined.
The error was detected by Frontier 9.0 in mainResponder.respond. Webmaster: Time: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 23:33:21 GMT.

Ok give me a break, all I did was following a link .

New Search Clustering Engine!!

Whew.. Kewl Cat'olog!! .Wonderfull BETA !!

Read my Thought flick'r on the Search Engine Wars !!


Overture’s U.S. Patent No. 6,269,361 was owned by Yahoo. Now Yahoo is 'warring ' with Google for its use in the Admethods !!

US Patent # 6,704,727 is still in the air !! Method and system for generating a set of search terms

Wondering whats happening here ?? 90% of revenue for Google comes thru this Admethods !!


Oct/02,Updated : This industy rebutal is being sparked by Om Malik's postings !!


Just upgraded my Yahoo account with new beta version. Looks slick !!! Love their calender. Will try the crawler next.


10/02-Update : I luv the iCalender GUI !!! If you want to see my iCal, shoot me a msg

Friday, October 01, 2004

MicroSoft Outsourcing even More !!

Whats the score here with the worlds richest man ???

"You can't go wrong in computer science.It is a little scary for me to see people thinking of this as a zero-sum game. It is not like a war where you have one winner and one loser," Gates said. "China and India are the big change engines for the years ahead, and as we embrace that and understand our new role in that".

Yeah, who's God Given Americans right is it, to think, that they are the only ones who can leverage knowledge to humanity ??

Ok here it looks like as per ISO country codes

1 CN = .03 US
1 IN = .94 CN
1 US = .0001 CN/IN

Go figure the thought harverst happening... take a peek at channel9/India !!

Blind child needs help

What a response and harverst of thoughts...spontanous liberty ??

Read the thread very very carefully !!!


sexual orgy ???

Justice Scalia surprised his audience at Harvard University, telling them: "I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged.

Rebutal offering

In fact, Scalia said, "I even accept for the sake of argument that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged."

Harvard University Sept 29th 2004


Blog Wars Go Big !!

Sun Microsystems Inc.'s high-profile President and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Schwartz has struck a raw nerve with his inflammatory Weblog entries

With big contenders going into blog wars. Whats going to happen next ???

Read this and this !! ... Comes from here.


Innovations is the main rant of industry. What does this mean. Keepin eye on these features coming out here and here

Ultimately, innovation is about continually pushing back the boundaries of what is possible. The true genius of capitalism is that it provides economic incentives for sustained innovation.

So whats the landscope going to be for my grandchildren eh ??

Breaking news Cybersecruity

Amit Yoran, a former software executive from Symantec Corp., informed the White House about his plans to quit as director of the National Cyber Security Division and made his resignation effective at the end of Thursday, effectively giving a single's day notice of his intentions to leave.

Amit heads the cyber division of Homeland Security !!

Out of the box into the neighberhood !!

Way to go Andrew !! keep on rocking dude !!

We up in Canada can not only watch everything we can watch on TV, on a whim they can watch every episode of the original Star Trek in the order they were broadcast ALL ON ONE WEEKEND.

Go figure - open source viewing !! :)-

60 second strategy

This week's : 1 - Minute Strategies:

* Slow them down on voice mail. In the rush to leave a voice mail message, people often jumble their words. One word from you - "slowly" - reminds callers to speak carefully. Example: " Please leave a clear message and slowly say your phone number so that I can return your call."
* 3 easy ways to reduce computer eyestrain.
1. Position papers the same distance away as your monitor, so your eyes don't constantly refocus.
2. If you forget to blink while concentrating, keep artificial "tears" handy to lubricate your eyes.
3. Clean the screen.

B'lore tough on cybercrime ?

The governor of Karnataka State in southern India is reported to be close to passing the new law. New regulations forces cybercafes provide police with names and addresses of all their customers.

What is the primary motive behind this ?? Are they saying that too much hacking going on from these public booths ??

Thursday, September 30, 2004


The Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz... is on !!!

Whew...this is flowing in like crazy...Titled "don't look at me as I look at you"

It's apparently okay for RFID tag promoters to watch you apply lipstick from 750 miles away, but not for a privacy advocate to keep an eye on companies using the pesky technology

To date, Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense have been among the most vocal backers of the technology.




What da F$%# ???

"Nortel plans to lay off 3,250 employees" -Brampton, Ontario, company also will eliminate about 650 positions in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region and 250 elsewhere in the world

The disclosures came in a regular biweekly filing to the Ontario Securities Commission.

The work plan is expected to deliver cost savings of about $500 million in 2005 and greater savings in subsequent years, according to the filing. But it will also bring charges to Nortel's income statements of about $220 million for layoffs and $230 million for real estate. About 35 percent of those charges should be incurred in 2004 and the remainder in 2005, according to the company statement.

1,400 employees in the U.S. and about 950 in Canada, with those employees to be notified by the end of June 2005,



RFIDv1.0 was published here. This is the 2nd in line strategy offering.

"Interest is high -- and business opportunities may be there for the picking -- but when it comes to figuring out how to apply RFID to their midmarket customers, solution providers remain largely on their own".

"Catcher in the rye"
As a result of ABC's effort, the Microsoft Business Solutions will include RFID support for upcoming versions of Axapta, Great Plains and Navision.

Alternative Pathway
Sun RFID offering for Partners will be available in midOctober.

Needs Analysis proves that there is no STD status for RSS protocol suite.

MicroSoft becomes human

Interesting commentary by iMedia.

Channel 9
was started MArch 2004 and is now an innovations paradigm.

What is the start of this paradigm in the open community ??

Blog post not appearing !!

Why is there Repudiation time for updating blog !! or is it buggy ??

I was wacking off from free blog hosting to sftp hosting. Converted my defa settings. Setup ftp zone and pwd so that blogger can publish to sftp.

Shit happended. Rolled back to free hosting by blogger. Tried again!!

Mutliple Refusals on publication local to blogger. Got ftp error blah blah.. Got flustered, nearly deleted my blog. Then reset setting. Publication and reindexing worked. But blog entry not see on Previous post or appears.

Yet, I can see my entry indexed as well as accessible !! Any clue points ???


1st call for Toronto Blogger

Calling all bloggers from Toronto/GTA areas. Who are interested in a BloggerCon. Send in details either email or comment here.

Accquired New Domain

Just acquired a new domain

Spontoues Thought Flickr'ing!!!

Date :Sept.29-04 - Toronto
Current Schedule :5:45PM . Status : Strategy offerings
Next Schedule : 7.00PM . Status : Geek Dinner / Moblog'ing !!

I did not make my next schedule with the famour blogger from NYC !! Pity eh ?? My wisdom was in the office, but my heart was out there.. Me was dissapointed !!

So I ask myself, WHY dissapointment !!

Well I had this concept that I wanted to create spontues thought flickr'ing amongst the blog community. Throw a seed of thought, along with a single leased email, and then everyone sends in their thoughts. Now, each entry becomes a seperate blog and that creates a harverst of thoughts ...for the community...!!! Something like an orchestrated world thought flickr'ing!!

Geeeeee.. pretty wacky biz eh ?? How to do it, I dunna me is still a newbie !! Anyway, thats what I wanted to talk about. SO, caught up with this Idea, that I aquired this.

Randy, this is a topic for our geek dinner !! :)-

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


EPCglobal Inc. U.S. conducting a summit. Analyst watching. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) plans to require suppliers to use RFID tags by early 2005. "It's very difficult to build a strong business case when it's just for compliance," said Mal Postings, global head of mobility for Capgemini SA, which sponsored a media lunch at the conference. "I agree (RFID) is in its infancy at the moment."

When you read this article and have a pulse on these markets. It become pretty simple, Those who adopt to RFID will be the winners. Those who don't will be assimilated.

I remember reading once, in MIT Lab's , a whole home was retro fitted with RFID equipement, including the test sbujecct's glasses. When the subject used special computer to search for his lost glasses, it spat back ."On couch, under the second cushion". The retro lab actually was able to ping the article, locate it, use raster methods of location and identify a corresponding article assoicated in proximity!!. A spanning B+ hashing algorthim, being piped into a raster algrothim, created 3 dimensional locational results.

Think pic-n-pac, product shelf life streaming for biz and Now imagine your home now like that ??

Speak to your watch !!


Update : RFIDv2.0 and RFIDV3.0


I dont know if this will work out. Geek Political Action Commitee . Any ,mission with a joint committee tends to hinder more then advance. Hey, but if works so much better for the geeks. I'm all that !!

Will this be like the IETF group which created the INet ??

/dot feed not working

Me is having a problem with the feed with /dot

Is anyelse having a situtation


"Reality can only be changed insofar as it has not yet occurred. We can try to influence the future, but that is all."

- Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921-1990), Swiss playwright

A good future is something you take part in creating - right now. But there are several ways of relating to the future, and that influences our desires regarding retirement. Our self-image is also important for our dispositions. This is talk about women and their future in the future !!

Take a look at this article from this think tank Inistute.

Slowing Light, making faster networks ?

This is a mind blower if it works out.. actually does make sense if you understand jitters and leaky bucket syndrome !! Take a look at this article on Slowing Down Light.

If they get this concept deployed, that, taking full advantage of the 20 terahertz would be easy in terms of sending 600 two-hour feature films in about one second. !!

Now just think, what fiber optics and the role that they may play in your home ??
Methinks that once ivp6 gets more used, then every darn thing in your home will be rfid and all you need is a watch on your wrist which is voice activated. Glasses on your nose to see just about any darn thing you wish to see !!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Yahoo enters the beta Phase

Yahoo gets onto the beta Search phase.

Is it deep beta ??

Boy raised by Dog ???

Yeah, kinda so wacky to hear this in the 21 centrury correct ?? I stumbled across this article on the New Zealand Hearld. Just gets better, the Boy was found in Sibera !!!

Does Sibera really have dogs ??

Does Sibera have dawgs ??

How Do We Prepare For a World Without Cheap Oil?

I have been following an interesting thread of conversation on oil. The summary response concludes like this ..

"And with 6.5 billion people to feed, I am reminded of a somewhat frightening quote that I’ll likely garble: “Throughout history, when humans are left between starvation and raiding, they raid.” What do you think?

Yeah what do you think, once oil runs out eh ??? Another doomsday scare ??

Strange Fact !!

Just reading a brand schooling paper at HBS. What really got me is that.. "The U.S. Government represents 35 percent of the U.S. economy".

Now thats an eyeopener 35Cents/1$ back to the gov ??? Strange, If I look at it, we Canadian's give back approx 22% back to the government, get back health care and other benifits. What are the american society doing ?? Don't they think these thoughts ??

A Postulate for HumanityV2.0

This is not an endorsement for Google!!PERIOD!!. It’s an Evangelical mission for GoogleSphere (aka HumanityV2.0)

GoogleSphere is a conceptual framework of a virtual reality world. This Model is created, managed, policed, and defended by GoogleLites. GoogleLites are a community of real indivduals having a similar purpose and mission.

When I goggled , “GoogleSphere” and “GoogleLite” there returned only 228 and 10 pages found respectively. Wow!!! A very minor leverage factor in today's world of information age. Thus, this is a very new and exciting word, which needs to be assimilated under a just cause for humanity and like me, any other citizens of planet earth.

Let me begin my testament, now!

Metcalfe’s Law states, "The value of network increases as the square of the number of users on the network." This, too me means, if I know a single strand of thought, the power of that thought is only 1. However if 2 people know it, then it become 4 and thereon. The Math’s are simple, no brainer teaser. So, I need to get others onto this framework of thought.

However, with all this spill, comes the headache. “You cannot solve the problem with the same kind of thinking that has created the problem." -Albert Einstein. We need to change our thinking. Will this single thought flickr’, prove that as a joint level effort amongst fellow like minded community can raise the torch and that we (Googlelites) continue to pass the baton !!

Why the need for an Evangelical mission ? “You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction." -Alvin Toffler. So follow cybernuat’s, Bloggers, gmailer’s, googler’s and people who really believe that a mental world of a GoogleSphere, is the best for humanity, spread the word. Spit a comment here, email this blog. I really want to know what you think.

Let me end my postulation with this observation from the recent games. “In the Men’s 100m Final, four athletes finished in less than 9.90 seconds, but it was USA’s Justin GATLIN who won gold medal with 9.85”- Athens2004, Day 9. Aug.22/04.
We, Googlelites, do not intend to aspire to be on a podium as #1. However, we all wish to behind by that .05 ornano second difference for the sake HumanityV2.0, correct ??.

So how do we, either confirm or denies this postulate ?

The rules of engagement – This I believe statement

TIB#1 : If you believe for good, then you believe in GoogleSpherev1.0. Spit your thoughts out here or send me an email. Metcalfe’s law is being tested.
TIB#2 : If you believe in being a Googlelite, then do just 1 thing to reinforce TIB#1 for the United Federation for GoogleSphereV1.0
TIB#3: If you truly believe in changing the world, try this evangelical mission.

The race begins for Humanity2.0 !!!
We have a seed of thought, which is very in terms of Metcalfe’s value network. The Power to change based on Toffler's wisdom and sense to listen to Einstein !!
So, do something. Do anything. Get going. Now!!! Humanity, as we know it, is in a precarious state and the lives of our future kids is at stake.

This postulate is dedicated too;

Chris, a fellow “Googlelite”, (I don’t know), but the breed we apprecaite. The type of nerd, who has, that very high and distinct ethics, which will not permit him to place gmail invites on ebay !!
And for TomPeters, another “Googlilite”, whose blogs are witty and filled with thought provocation. Tom, I snitched a couple of your saying, on this round.

Thank you in advance for taking the baton !!
God bless!!