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Bloglines - Google in today's Polish national school-leaving exam

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Google in today's Polish national school-leaving exam

By Ludwik Trammer

Today I've taken English part of the most important exam in the whole Polish education system. "Matura" is a national school-leaving exam after high school. It's prepared by ministry of education. Today, at the same moment, every high-school last grade student in Poland wrote exactly the same test. Matura gives us the Secondary Education Degree and free places at the universities for the bests. You probably don't know that I'm here because of this very exam. Couple of mouths ago I've decided that my English marks are to low and I have to read more text in English. I've chosen text about Google, because I felt this topic is interesting. I started to read official Google blogs, Google Blogoscoped, and others sources about Google every day. I've probably read hundreds articles about Google. Today when I opened my Matura exam I wanted to laugh. One of exercises was supposed to test my understatement of text about... Google! That's right. You can be sure that everyone at my age in Poland with Secondary Education Degree had to understand how this company works! The exercise was based on this article from "The Guardian" (you have to be registered):,,1497586,00.html Here you can find this exercise (it's on page 7): (this is only one of the three sheets from today's English Matura, the rest are here: and here: ). So... Than you, Philipp, and all the others, for helping me to learn for my exams! :)

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