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Bloglines - Microsoft, Return of The Beast

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The Graphs , dont make sense at all. I wonder why out "st.stephens fellow" is screwing with my mind. Or am Ijust a dimbo here ??

And NO- they are not "back for an encore" - how can they be..when they have a opt out process. Its only when IE is config'ed to be part of the main coomponent of the OS, will MSFT face another DOJ crisis !!
Note Toself : Watch Om's graphics- a pic tells a thousand words -but is it worth it ?

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Microsoft, Return of The Beast

By Om Malik on Google

A few things are a constant in life - taxes, death, broken hearts and of course Microsoft waking from some kinda slumber, finding an upstart to hate and then crushing them. The IE7 drama that is currently being played out today should be dubbed The Return of The Beast.

This default thing works well for Microsoft - they did it once before, got into trouble with Justice Department, played humble for a while, and well, they are back for an encore. Except, this time around it is a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing highlighting that its all about the user.

“Whatever behavior happened in the past, the guiding principle we had is that the user is in control,” said Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of the Internet Explorer group. [NYT]

Not that it easy to find compassion for Google these days. At least not amongst those who are extremely jealous of its money making abilities. Google is complaining that Microsoft is using its market domination and defaulting to Microsoft’s in house search engine. Hello Reality! (Microsoft may claim that is easy to switch search engines. In reality that is possible if you really know the browser innards, as outlined here.)

You know, what they say market predicts the future… Take a look at these two charts of Microsoft stock from 1996 and 2006. In December 1995 Bill Gates wrote the now famous Internet-or-nothing memo, and rest is history. Similarly late last year Microsofties got a Web 2.0 or nothing memo. History in the making?


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