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Bloglines - Bad news, my mom is in hospital

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Robert, is being what he does !! He Blogs at all times, thru thick and thru thin !! Hardtimes and soft times.. He says it all.

Hope his Mummy recovers

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Bad news, my mom is in hospital

By Robert Scoble on Scoble family

Bad news arrived today. My mom is in the hospital. She had congestive heart failure over the weekend and it got worse from there. Yesterday she had a stroke, I learned today, and they tried to clean out the clot and didn't get it all, so the doctors are telling my brothers that it's very likely she'll see moderate to major paralysis of her right side. And she's not out of the woods yet.

Why am I saying this all on my blog? Cause it's interesting how family members and friends use my blog to learn about what's going on in my life and also to help. I got a phone call and email from friends of my mom's who found me through search engines. (Yet another reason I leave my cell phone and email address on my blog).

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be flying to Montana to see her and my brothers.

Emotionally it hasn't really hit yet (my mom and I weren't close, but she's still my mom and I'm not ready to lose her). It's going to be a long week.

I'm off to Wikipedia to learn more about stroke and what the future for my mom holds. Anyone have good information and/or suggestions of things to ask the doctors? One nice thing about having such a smart audience is lots of you have already gone through these kinds of experiences.


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