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Om on Media at Mesh

By Steve Rubel on Journalism

Mark Evans from the National Post is grilling Om Malik on the future of media at Mesh Conference here in Toronto. Om is a reporter with Business 2.0 and one of the most influential bloggers in the world. Here are some of the highlights from his talk at Mesh. Stowe Boyd, who's sitting/blogging next to me, has more rich notes (or will soon) on his blog.

Mark: Can the old media world can survive?
Om: "There's an old way for delivering information and a new way... Globally there's no way you can replace a Washington Post or New York Times."

Mark: "How are newspapers going to be able to embrace blogs and podcasts?"
Om: "There's a whole new generation of readers who only consume their news online. Figuring out the business plan that will all be relative." Om cites as exemplary because they put more resources towards the web. "I'd be glad to see a lot of newspapers go away... Blogs are killing off the trade press."

Mark: How does someone establish credibility as a blogger?
Om: " Credibility comes from the content you create. People recognized what's good and what's bad. Getting discovered is another matter."

Audience: How do we deal with the fact that online you can tune out all the ads using Firefox?
Om: "Two words - Internet Explorer, 85% market share. That audience has not figured out how to block ads."

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