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Bloglines - NPR's podcasting future

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this is interesting stat's. 2M podcasts downloaded per week. This makes it approx 100 millions downloads per annum. @ the rate of 10Cents per download, This is a kewl 10Millon revenue stream !!

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NPR's podcasting future

By Ben McConnell on Social media

Logo_npr_125 NPR listeners are downloading about 2 million podcasts a week of shows that it or NPR member stations air terrestrially (or via podcast-only).

With the effort "well into the black," the next phase is a web 2.0-like community.

"That's our dream," is how NPR's Eric Nuzum described it in a chat we had the other day. Having led the broadcaster's effort to launch the podcasting program, Nuzum says the new vision is to create listener communities who would congregate on the site because of the 304 podcasts the broadcaster offers.

At 2 million podcast downloads per week and growing, a fan congregation launched around them would be pretty substantial.

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