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Bloglines - More Echoes in the Chamber?

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Alec' has a point w/relevance !! I too have this same issue, how to find the relevent feeds to a specific topic or tread ?? But that again is difficult !! I try the google Alert system for e.g The Term "Mesh Conference" - returns to me everyhing from mesh topo meeting, RSS meshing, WebMeshups, chicken mesh, "mash" (mesh spelt the wrong way) - yeah like "mashed" potatoes.. !! SO its pretty 'relevant' question here !!

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More Echoes in the Chamber?

By Alec on Uncategorized

I don’t get it. 

The world’s buzzing over Dave Winer’s new toy,, which is a site for sharing your reading list with others. Mike Arrington, Steve Rubel, Robert Scoble, and a bunch of other folks are gaga over this thing.   In a nutshell, you can upload your blogroll (in OPML format, hence the name), publish it, and then use a variety of other tools to find out what it is that others like yourself are reading.

So I tried it.  I uploaded my blogroll (exported from Bloglines), and gave it a drive.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t have any trouble finding content, nor does sharing my reading list with someone else (although I do publish it) really do anything for me.   My problem isn’t finding more stuff to read.  My problem is wading through the morass of stuff that comes my way to find the one or two nuggets that are really topical.  My blogroll is large, but I don’t actually read it all regularly.  I suspect most people are like me, in that regard.  What I would find useful is something that helps me find relevant new content – content related to what I actually read. 

Am I missing something?

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