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Bloglines - Answering questions, meeting bloggers

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Its appears the the bloggers in india are having a good community discourse amonst themselves. In fact, its not just a bunch of techi'w getting to gether.
India uncut is more of a MSM journalist who blogs. !!

India Uncut

Answering questions, meeting bloggers

By amit varma

Much fun came this weekend. Yesterday I took part in the first quiz conducted by the Bombay Quiz Club, and my team, called The Stubbles, led, with a brief break in between, from the start until the 58th question of the 60-question quiz. That we finished third is testimony to how close the quiz was. Dhoomketu conducted it and many formidable quizzer-bloggers like Shamanth, Gaurav, Anand, Dhananjay, Aniruddha and Sarika were present. My partners were Ramanand and Siddhartha, seen craning their necks past me in the picture below. More details and pictures of the quiz are here.

The day before, I'd met a whole bunch of bloggers at a Bombay Bloggers Meet. The guest of honour was Nitin Pai of Acorn, a blogger I'd long waited to argue with in person, and who graciously got me this fine gift, which I spent many fine hours reading yesterday. Nitin sportingly consented to making a speech, one which earned a standing ovation. He's reproduced some of it here. Yazad, Ravikiran, Chandrahas, Saket, Saaransh, Sriram and Raj were some of the others present, and so were non-bloggers Venkat and Rajeev, who have hopefully both started blogging by now. Some of us met for lunch at 1, the blog meet began at 4, and the last of us parted after dinner at 11. Much time was spent, and all of it was worthwhile.

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