Thursday, September 30, 2004

Spontoues Thought Flickr'ing!!!

Date :Sept.29-04 - Toronto
Current Schedule :5:45PM . Status : Strategy offerings
Next Schedule : 7.00PM . Status : Geek Dinner / Moblog'ing !!

I did not make my next schedule with the famour blogger from NYC !! Pity eh ?? My wisdom was in the office, but my heart was out there.. Me was dissapointed !!

So I ask myself, WHY dissapointment !!

Well I had this concept that I wanted to create spontues thought flickr'ing amongst the blog community. Throw a seed of thought, along with a single leased email, and then everyone sends in their thoughts. Now, each entry becomes a seperate blog and that creates a harverst of thoughts ...for the community...!!! Something like an orchestrated world thought flickr'ing!!

Geeeeee.. pretty wacky biz eh ?? How to do it, I dunna me is still a newbie !! Anyway, thats what I wanted to talk about. SO, caught up with this Idea, that I aquired this.

Randy, this is a topic for our geek dinner !! :)-

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