Thursday, September 02, 2004

BESLAN-Standoff- 11.20EDT

They released 31 out of approx 300 hostages. Why ?? What is the motive ?? I just wish it does not turn in the fiasco like the Moscow theatre situations !!


Peter said...

This is a protactive standoff with the hostages. Captives are being marginlized as per ethinic roots. Russians, Ukrainians and Others.

So who's which group will be the first to feel the heat and cave in ??? Will Putin acutally comprise with the hostage takers and will this move NATO to increase troop moblization to stablize counter terrorism activities and build up a proper C4I. The EU's and NATO countries need a C4I ( Command, control, Communication and counter-intelligence ) network to for a Rapid Team Moblization and Deployment.

Will such a group be formed to counter the insurgent activities globally ??

your thoughts

Peter said...

323 odd did not make !! What went wrong ? Did the Russion storm the building without knowing the terrain ?
What are your thoughts???