Wednesday, September 29, 2004


EPCglobal Inc. U.S. conducting a summit. Analyst watching. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) plans to require suppliers to use RFID tags by early 2005. "It's very difficult to build a strong business case when it's just for compliance," said Mal Postings, global head of mobility for Capgemini SA, which sponsored a media lunch at the conference. "I agree (RFID) is in its infancy at the moment."

When you read this article and have a pulse on these markets. It become pretty simple, Those who adopt to RFID will be the winners. Those who don't will be assimilated.

I remember reading once, in MIT Lab's , a whole home was retro fitted with RFID equipement, including the test sbujecct's glasses. When the subject used special computer to search for his lost glasses, it spat back ."On couch, under the second cushion". The retro lab actually was able to ping the article, locate it, use raster methods of location and identify a corresponding article assoicated in proximity!!. A spanning B+ hashing algorthim, being piped into a raster algrothim, created 3 dimensional locational results.

Think pic-n-pac, product shelf life streaming for biz and Now imagine your home now like that ??

Speak to your watch !!


Update : RFIDv2.0 and RFIDV3.0

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