Saturday, September 04, 2004

Patron St, of Business Management

No Well , feeling sick, nothing better to do- Read a book !!

Just broswing thru "The Patron Saint of Business Management" -Anna Farago. Its a new management style from a wise monk, St.Benedict.

Bendicit's RULE is a manual for everyday life, in the service of truth. The book of rules have endured over 1400 years and the same rules apply even as this being written !!. Just think of, these rules have lasted for so long and the monks of St.Bendicit continue its practices today, making it one of the most sucesessful, "orgnizations" in human history!!

This books takes the orginal rules and lays out how to apply them in todays working envoirnment. At the heart if the book is the necessary building of comminities of people who have a clear vision of their purpose, of how they can archieve their gaols and why they must achieve them.

A noteworthy read.

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