Friday, September 24, 2004

I want a DawG !!!!!

Gosh, do I need a dog ???

I dunna , dogs are kewl,I think. Mommy used to breed pure GSD's (Germans Sheppard Dog) !! Ok, this means that kinda 'blue ribbion' type of affairs. First litter options to DOD, second to any .gov and the third within "the cycle". Yeah, the cycle was those who could get onto the best side of mom !! ' Being within means that you had a puppy dawg !!! :)-

Ok ok, that was just a rant, don't belive me ok ??

So why do I want a dawg ?? Does this make sense on why anyone woould not want to have a dog ??.

Methinks, HumanityV2.0 needs to include Animals1.0 into their lives , full time !!!!

Get an Animal. AnyAnimal. Get going. Now !!!!!!!!

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