Thursday, September 23, 2004

Freaky Test / Deployment Suite

Just completed !! Whewwww... but its freaky - Knock's the Snoot outa you ! THE FREAKY WOW! TYPE.

It's a LandScape Setting with a Team of 73 kewl peeps.

Yeah, the process maps count upto 176 business Processes !! At any given point of time, there is apporox 83 of these business processes being done per hour. Each hour roughly translates into an average of $2,884,084. So, 24 (1 Day)x per hour, equals $69,218,016 . Therefore per year (365 days), tis $25,264,575,840. Now, this works out to $25,264,575,840 per year.

Whewwwww... hold on what was that again ????.. 25B !!!

It consists of approx 4% of the market captilization in the segment !!

Whats happens, If We can get it 83 process, knitted into 32 processes with approx 1486 Team members under the same equation ??

FUNKY BUSINESS HAS STARTED . Now, you work that out !!!

My take is $514,289,858,880 !!

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