Saturday, September 11, 2004

Project Management

Wheww , how disgusting !! So called "Project Manager's" -who dont know the fundementals on using MsProject and or understanding of CPM, pert etc!! Blows your socks off correct ?? Well it does mine and I am in the center of such a catastrophic envoirnment.Half a mind to run away.. But, hey I need money for food and shelter too you know !!

Ok whats my beef ?? Me is still trying to understand the concept of "Process Management" being call as "Project Management". Just because there is a process which is designed for a customer channel and one becomes adept in that process method, one belives that the same process method could be readily used for all other types of works !! Now read works as project. Darn it ..get the point ??

I have a bunch of "wannabe Mini-me-GE" type of teams. Don't they know that Jack Welch told his uccessor to go a break everything that he did ?? Peeps around me think that by doing things one way and if it works, then thats the only correct way of doing stuff !!!

Well anyone ..How do re-educate these teams ..oh by the way this goes straight to the top in the org structure too ..

Dah..what was I thinking.. Someone please shoot me before I kill someone!!!

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