Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Postulate for HumanityV2.0

This is not an endorsement for Google!!PERIOD!!. It’s an Evangelical mission for GoogleSphere (aka HumanityV2.0)

GoogleSphere is a conceptual framework of a virtual reality world. This Model is created, managed, policed, and defended by GoogleLites. GoogleLites are a community of real indivduals having a similar purpose and mission.

When I goggled , “GoogleSphere” and “GoogleLite” there returned only 228 and 10 pages found respectively. Wow!!! A very minor leverage factor in today's world of information age. Thus, this is a very new and exciting word, which needs to be assimilated under a just cause for humanity and like me, any other citizens of planet earth.

Let me begin my testament, now!

Metcalfe’s Law states, "The value of network increases as the square of the number of users on the network." This, too me means, if I know a single strand of thought, the power of that thought is only 1. However if 2 people know it, then it become 4 and thereon. The Math’s are simple, no brainer teaser. So, I need to get others onto this framework of thought.

However, with all this spill, comes the headache. “You cannot solve the problem with the same kind of thinking that has created the problem." -Albert Einstein. We need to change our thinking. Will this single thought flickr’, prove that as a joint level effort amongst fellow like minded community can raise the torch and that we (Googlelites) continue to pass the baton !!

Why the need for an Evangelical mission ? “You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction." -Alvin Toffler. So follow cybernuat’s, Bloggers, gmailer’s, googler’s and people who really believe that a mental world of a GoogleSphere, is the best for humanity, spread the word. Spit a comment here, email this blog. I really want to know what you think.

Let me end my postulation with this observation from the recent games. “In the Men’s 100m Final, four athletes finished in less than 9.90 seconds, but it was USA’s Justin GATLIN who won gold medal with 9.85”- Athens2004, Day 9. Aug.22/04.
We, Googlelites, do not intend to aspire to be on a podium as #1. However, we all wish to behind by that .05 ornano second difference for the sake HumanityV2.0, correct ??.

So how do we, either confirm or denies this postulate ?

The rules of engagement – This I believe statement

TIB#1 : If you believe for good, then you believe in GoogleSpherev1.0. Spit your thoughts out here or send me an email. Metcalfe’s law is being tested.
TIB#2 : If you believe in being a Googlelite, then do just 1 thing to reinforce TIB#1 for the United Federation for GoogleSphereV1.0
TIB#3: If you truly believe in changing the world, try this evangelical mission.

The race begins for Humanity2.0 !!!
We have a seed of thought, which is very in terms of Metcalfe’s value network. The Power to change based on Toffler's wisdom and sense to listen to Einstein !!
So, do something. Do anything. Get going. Now!!! Humanity, as we know it, is in a precarious state and the lives of our future kids is at stake.

This postulate is dedicated too;

Chris, a fellow “Googlelite”, (I don’t know), but the breed we apprecaite. The type of nerd, who has, that very high and distinct ethics, which will not permit him to place gmail invites on ebay !!
And for TomPeters, another “Googlilite”, whose blogs are witty and filled with thought provocation. Tom, I snitched a couple of your saying, on this round.

Thank you in advance for taking the baton !!
God bless!!


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