Thursday, September 02, 2004

CRM to CMR !

For those who are interested in Customer Relationship Managmenet. Heres the scoop.. It does not work ! Period. Just reading Frederick Newell's Book titled " Why CRM dosn't work- How to win by letting customers manage the relationship". Thats right , move over letter 'R' in the old CRM paradigm. The new look is CMR !!!

"Your not in charge. Some had to say it". "...That realization, together with a large dose of comman sense (provided for you by Fred Newell) gets you almost all the way there" - Seth Godin (author of Permission Marketing).

My Favourite Quote from this book "......comes from Sandeep Krishnamurthy, a conributoring writer for Digitrends: ... Individuals are not thier past behaviour. Rather,they are hedanistic agents passing through life mkaing idiosyncratic choices as they go along. No single choice defines them nor does it satisfactorily predict their future behavior" .

Before you build a better mousetrap, make sure your read this book. Its an eye opener.

Actually as an afterthought, just 'learn to listen and listen to learn" - hear your customer out and just go out and do something.

Get Ready Fire ! Aim syndrome !!

Let me know you thoughts . Yeah I want to hear your thoughts on this

More later. ( I promise)

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