Thursday, September 23, 2004

How Consumers Value Global Brands

Last night I spent nearly 3 hrs @ HBS Working Knowledge doing some research. One of the articles caught my eye, on how conusumers value global brands. Heres the run down.

1) AMerican Values have no conqeuences with choice in the global brand wars
2) Quality Singals are the ones which get most noticed
3) Social Responsibility is also a key fact on brand consumption.

"Global brands make us feel like citizens of the world, and … they somehow give us an identity," an Argentinean consumer observed. A New Zealander echoed: "Global brands make you feel part of something bigger and give you a sense of belonging." A Costa Rican best expressed the aspirations that consumers associate with global brands: "Local brands show what we are; global brands show what we want to be."

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