Friday, October 08, 2004

This week's- 1Minute Strategies:

This week's - 1 Minute Strategies:

* Don't avoid introducing someone just because you forget his or her name. Admit - and apologize for - your poor memory. "I so enjoyed talking with you at last month's conference. I can't believe your name is escaping me right now, when I want you to meet my colleague, Jane Gibson. I'm so sorry." Then, repeat the name aloud, to show that you're making an effort to remember it this time. And if someone neglects to introduce you to another person, step forward, extend your hand and do it yourself.
* Don't appear disorganized. When working as part of a team, determine who will deliver information to the boss ….. and who won't. Example: Will the person gathering training-cost estimates present them to the boss, or will the team leader do it?

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