Wednesday, October 13, 2004

MicrosSoft Products Suck !!

Hmmmmm.. this is interesting thoughts from Rob. S. , Evangelist for Microsoft.

From PC tablets to search engine Communities. He's now moved into a the most profound dynamics of all, by openly admitting the mistakes that Microsoft makes. ( Wonder if he ever read MicroSoft Rebooted!!).

Anyway, the very nature of his blog implies a very important (VERY=BIG WORD) mindset change with the corridors of MicroSoft. They need more of his breed around. Sanjay P., I think has given him a good peep talk on the nature of following ones heart to create "true lovemarks". Thats exactly what the Mac Community dote on Apple, yet with MicroSoft, everyone still crys wolf !! Its only when the whole of MicroSoft begins to behave, think and act like Rob, will they be able really move into the hearts of their customers. Say what you mean, mean what say, and always tell the unvarnished truth. ALWAYS !!
All companies are born to die, just like all people are born to die. Being on the of the richest Corporates, does not mean that one has the right to do as one please. Pleasing the customer is the most important aspect of the brand Harmony. I wonder if they have a brand Manifesto, I would like to see that .... :)-

I blogged this sometime ago.

Rob, if you ever read this .. "ALL PRODUCTS SUCK !!", every customers whats just that little bit more then what you can provide !! ... Yeah and make yourself a TIB as your begin your quest.. and best of luck dude !!

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