Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Picketing Chatter

Just could not resist blogging this... thread !!

Someone wrote : "Just wondering what's happening today at your offices, anything exciting? Are the picketers in your view? Are you experiencing any long delays? Seems our EDI is running well, no delays to speak of. "

Someone Replied :"It is hell here today. There is a minimal 100 picketers outside our window. They are blocking trucks at 20m in intervals and then letting very few in before they block again. The police are here but they are letting them carry on with this procedure.If that's not bad enough they are also blocking the exit that the drivers use once they clear customs. The back up of trucks is as far as I can see, so they are probably looking at delay times of an hour or more just to get into the customs compound."

Another Replied :"Fort Erie is experiencing about the same situation as Windsor. All you can hear is the drivers honking horns. Picketers are allowing one truck every twenty minutes to procedure to the QEW. Most Customs Officers feel it will be over by Friday.. Hope they are right."

Someone wrote "Here is the latest from our two border offices (Windsor and Fort Erie)"

I really wonder if a business community blogs away critical events (not just the geek stuff), won't this make a HumanityV2.0 better ???

Just a thought !!


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