Friday, October 01, 2004

MicroSoft Outsourcing even More !!

Whats the score here with the worlds richest man ???

"You can't go wrong in computer science.It is a little scary for me to see people thinking of this as a zero-sum game. It is not like a war where you have one winner and one loser," Gates said. "China and India are the big change engines for the years ahead, and as we embrace that and understand our new role in that".

Yeah, who's God Given Americans right is it, to think, that they are the only ones who can leverage knowledge to humanity ??

Ok here it looks like as per ISO country codes

1 CN = .03 US
1 IN = .94 CN
1 US = .0001 CN/IN

Go figure the thought harverst happening... take a peek at channel9/India !!

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