Friday, October 22, 2004

My GPS Unit Will Be Watching You

"Every Step You Take . . . Every Move You Make . . . My GPS Unit Will Be Watching You"

Technology may be ushering in a golden age of stalking, in which predators use GPS, cellphones and other devices to track and terrorize."

Robert Sullivan became America’s first documented GPS-enabled stalker, we are faced with a classic technology dilemma, as perfectly legal and useful devices are turned to less savory ends. GPS units help to track rental cars, Alzheimer’s patients, wandering children, wandering cattle, wandering fur coats. Miniature video cameras monitor babysitters, and keystroke-recording software monitors children’s Internet use. But just as drug dealers appropriated beepers and terrorists the Internet, these technologies and more are being embraced by a new breed of high-tech stalker.


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