Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Revenue drivers thru Adsense

Oleg started this thought process..darn him.. !! His posting is here ( actually slept on this for quite some time)!! Makes my mind spin in terms of marketing morals etc !!

Ok here's the deal, what happens if you pepper your posting with comments from mulitples pesudo users...each comment is populate with the URL setting of that of a unique Adsense Link

Now SiteVisitors normally are inquestive by nature and they just click the commentor's link to surf onto that person site /blog .... ..but then they get directed to an adsense link.. so the CTR (Click Thu rate) from your site actually bounces up...

So what gives...create a parser for RSS Adsense feeds, create a script which populates comments on a blog page and then wait.. it can be done manually also.. .. so If you create 10 comments with 10 adsense links.. what happens ?? at least 1 in 10 vistors normally try to review other sites /urls correct ??

Did this make sense ?? what of marketing morals and other stuff like that ??


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