Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Google AutoFill

This is IETF RFC !!
Status : Category: Informational

Value Stream :"A digital wallet is an application or service that assists consumers in conducting online transactions by allowing them to store billing, shipping, payment, and preference information and to use this information to automatically complete merchant interactions."
Principle :Trust - "To complete forms on sites that you trust, just click the enabled AutoFill button. If you haven't entered any AutoFill information that applies to the current page, AutoFill displays the AutoFill tab page in the Toolbar Options window. Once you've entered your information on that page, clicking the AutoFill button will automatically complete a form".
End of privacy :" This is the end of the personal privacy. Google now knows everything you read on the web, they search your e-mail and now they know about the dope hiding in your sock drawer."
I notice a gmail field coloured out (pale yellow).. investigate further .. and the above is what I see... very interesting to note..there is no chatter on this.. !!!
Google is fun , yet if it calls Mother ship ...we are all toast !!
Update : This new occurence /obversation is between 16:ooHrsEDt/19/10/2004....and as of this update !! :)-

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