Monday, October 04, 2004

Testing Remote Filing/Mobloging

Mobloging Worked !!! The only sticker is that I am getting a signature mark, where I can't figure out where it comes from !! Next is to get my photo site up and going.

Update : Leaning towards Yahoo for everything. They just launched a preview of My Yahoo! Search. Excellent way to go. I love their beta RSS feeds too. But its slower then Bloglines. The "stickiness" of bloglines is better. Faster feed and update cycle's.

There is still no update's feeding on the Search engine Wars. Everything become silent suddenly !! Whats happening ?? Is the NDA a very tight noose around thier necks ??

Likewise the squabbles between Google/Yahoo.

Om Malik is off the air on this very important footnote!!

Technorati Hackathon reachs out for me. Will observe only.

More follows on this quest...


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