Friday, February 15, 2008

Twit's- that make me go hmmmmm !

I kinda mark some of the twits I read into my Fav's.

Here's my new list for the time being ... (old list is here)

"skip this welcome screen". welcome screen? welcome screen? its an HP advert you dung beetles..."
yellowpark "That's what they said about Dirty Den and he died twice"
brycej Sometimes when you are having one of those days you stare at the bottle of Scotch on your desk.... and wish it was a bag of weed"
gapingvoid @noahdavidsimon Whether you're a small taco stand or MSFT, the "If you want a cool brand, you gotta do cool shit" mantra still applies"
ryancoleman I have it on good authority that this is not a very good time to go tobogganing. Especially with kids & karpets that can blow away easily"
ryancoleman "Ronald Regan wasn't Ronald Regan before he became Ronald Regan" brilliant.
vanessafox Is 89 tabs in one browser window Xs 4 browser windows too many?
pkedrosky Overheard in hallway at demo: " I have met marc benioff and been introduced three times and fucker still doesn't remember me"
davidcrow wondering if software parallels the auto industry: Oracle=GM; Google=Dodge; Microsoft=Ford; SAP=DalmerBenz
gabrielmansour I find it somewhat ironic that the "Productivity" folder in my feedreader is the one that has the most unread items. hmm
missrogue There are 2 sides to this cultural revolution. 1 end represents the revolutionaries, the other has opportunists looking to profit from it
webword The Downfall of Web 2.0 -- Darth Beta -- You heard it here first! ;-)
jowyang Time is like Money: 1) you never have enough 2) everyone wants a piece of it
brycej I just licked my Blackberry screen because it was dirty. Goodnight Folks I'm done
bokardo Over 600 comments on the Dreamhost outage. Delivery of service is a *relationship*. Look how emotional people are!
davewiner If Hillary wins, her husband should apologize for everything including the "I didn't have sex with that woman" line. And do it sincerely.

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Chris Dalby said...

That line brought a smile to my face too, which is why I thouht I'd share. Glad you liked it :)