Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Texas Debate- Twitter Style

I love watching the political debate's on CNN and at the same time I also like chat on twitter.. here's some nice comments as it happens style :)-

zik Wow! Take a look at the legislative records of Clinton and Obama. Get ready to be surprised.
Leatrice @peterdawson EXACTLY. We can just vote him in right now. LOL
davewiner Also English is the language of business world-wide. Americans who don't speak English are at a disadvantage
anildash english-only advocates also purport to believe in free markets, yet they don't think english can compete without legislation mandating it
andy754 "there's no doubt, Barack, that you are a passionate, and qualified speaker..." and yet she has to accuse him of plagarism to try to win?
remarkk she's really good at taking her time and extending ad nauseum
rhh If this guy makes it into office, you yanks are going to need a *whole new media* - people who care about policy, and not personality
ThomasHan K, so which one of you two's health care plans is gonna fix me of my cough. Now!
Leatrice tactical victory following a strategic blunder..... I know that's right
remarkk speaking of overmedicated, what's with that slightly insane smile of Hillary's? It's unnerving.
davewiner For Hillary, it's got to be the moment she heard the name "Monica Lewinsky.
davewiner Oy she got a softball, and she turned it into a boring monologue.
Leatrice at least she didn't cry this time as she "found her vioce"

So its still a statically dead beat-- they are both still neck to neck in my opinion !!

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ThomasHan said...

Like you, I found it to be a habit now.

For the last few debates, I've been watching it live on TV on one hand and Twittering away on the other. It's like having all these people sitting in the room with you providing commentaries :-)