Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Like.com reminds me of Google !!

I was one of the early adopters to Riya.com and  for that matter of fact, still tracking the  PolarRose initiative.  Visual Search is the next step in search. PERIOD !!

Each time I see Munjal and his team  leap froggin forward, I think of em to be a next google. Why does this  remind me of google

"For instance, ideas at Google do not burst forth from the heads of geniuses and then find their way unimpeded to huge audiences of receptive users. Rather ideas emerge, are torn to shreds, reformulated, torn to shreds, prototyped, torn to shreds, launched to internal users, torn to shreds, rebuilt and relaunched, torn to shreds, refined some more, torn to shreds, put back together one last time, torn to shreds by SREs, tweaked again in a seemingly-endless frenzy of last minute work, and launched...whereupon they are torn to shreds by bloggers, journalists, and competitors."

When you consume content from like's Blog, and Munjal's blog you will certainly see the above happening in terms of product innovations. The are constantly building and rebuilding and refactoring. Team Like Rocks !!  Btw.. they have the first color search that works !!  (note : I have not tested, but think of it - a bot that distinguishes colors and tons of objects- exciting !!

I hope that they are on the track to fulfill and surpass revenue budgets for 2008. Mind you, what they are doing is mind blowing and surely, I won't be surprised if their exit strategy is via a acquisition. (maybe google ?) :)-

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