Sunday, February 03, 2008


I just had a look at livescribe, the newest and hotest gadget for the Personal computing.

Heres what my intial thoughts on their blog.

Is it possible to leverage the SDK towards UML spec's ? that is a drawing is done on the DPS paper and then the an applications converts the drawing into UML which is ready for Consumption.. along with direct Audio capture for each of the component's within the UML.

Methinks that will be killer app in terms of agile / next wave of SDLC's methods.. not to mention the host of apps that can be written for various vertical.. think of a doctor that scribble's on a patient's DPS (Dot Positioning systems) paper / chart and it goes routed to medical records to the pharmacy etc in a closed /secure loop infrastructure ? This means before you reach the pharmacy the medication is ready for pickup.

me likes this app. ..when does it ship to Canada ?

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Ryan Johnson said...

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