Saturday, February 02, 2008

MacAir and China - early warning signs !!

 steverubel sez "MacBook Air supply issues definitely China weather related. That's why everyone is so cagey. I think everyone expected to have them today."

This is a comment of strong fact. China has been having a lot of problems with the Snow etc. Logistics is certainly being impacted.

Now, what happens  if there is a major national disastor in China ? Lets say the Bird Flu Virus, jumps to human beings or mutates and beings air borne. What will happen to the world ? 
Remember, there is no alternative logistic pipelines out China.  Just think of it, no new tires for the car's - spares parts of machinery, food, and don't expect cheap toys during Xmas season.  Net net about 40-60% of the US economy will be effected, another 30-40% of the EU's likewise the South America's.

The dependability of global trade on a specific geophysically located /country could spell another type of doomsday for the other countries. 

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