Thursday, February 14, 2008

satellite usa 193 coming down !

The decision to use an an Aegis SM-3 to try to shoot down USA 193 in the next 48 hrs.
Defense Department, White House and NASA officials speak with reporters at the Pentagon, discussing reentry of a U.S. satellite. Thanks to JEff

1. The intercept will occur at 240 kilometers (130 nautical miles)
2. The mass of the satellite is 2,300 kg (5,000 pounds)
3. The mass of the interceptor is 20 kg. (From CBO)
4. The closing velocity will be 9.8 km/s (22,000 mph), suggesting a virtually head-on collision.

Other pertinent observations. At 240 km, the satellite should be traveling 7.8 km/s; the SM-3 has a burnout velocity of 3 km/s.

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