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Bloglines - Your Google Base Attributes

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Interesting - sme are being used. Google++ =mechturks ??

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Your Google Base Attributes

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Google is asking experts in different fields to help them build fitting attributes for Google Base. (For example, for photography fitting attributes might be "print size", "camera" etc.) Google is more actively integrating community feedback lately... just yesterday, they were asking for Google Talk feature suggestions. This kind of interaction leads to what Googler Matt Cutts calls "Google++" ("to listen to users, webmasters, advertisers, and publishers whenever you can"). (Full post)

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Bloglines - My Thoughts Are My Password, Verify Me

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an interesting theory

techdirt   Techdirt
Easily digestible tech news...

My Thoughts Are My Password, Verify Me

By Mike

It seems that every few months a story pops up about advances in mind-controlled computer interfaces. It's important research in many ways, especially for people who have been paralyzed. However, it's clearly only at the earliest stages -- and some question if it will ever get that much further. Wired News is looking at the possibility of one day being able to use your thoughts as your password for better security. The idea being that the computer would recognize your specific brainwaves, that couldn't easily be copied by someone else. Some people believe this will never happen, as distinguishing on that fine a level of brainwaves might be impossible. However, even if it was possible, you have to wonder how effective it would be. It could work for normal logging in... but how does it work when you don't want to log in, but someone else wants you to? Ever try to not think about a certain thing? Our brains aren't really wired that way.

Bloglines - steph >> Swiss Blog Awards: cool down (Lunch over IP)

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What is steph yak yakin on this thread ? and what is the fight about ?? I kind lost the thread of converstions as I am only sub'ing to Stephs feed..

Anyhoot - "linguistic disbalance" =-seems new to me.. how does one become disblanced because of what language they speak ?? ..need to follow up and read more

coComment - Clear conversation in the blogosphere   coComments related to steph
coComments related to steph

steph >> Swiss Blog Awards: cool down (Lunch over IP)

steph says:

Bruno, I agree with what you say here. In particular, I'm totally convinced that there was no "evil design" in the way things were planned and went along.

However, I'm not entirely with you (for the moment) when you say the organizers have recognized the mistake in their nomination process ("They have recognized it and already committed to correct that in a way or another, transparently, next year...")

When I hear Jan say this:

"the linguisic majority argument does not hold up imho. not at all, i must say. of course swiss germans are the numeric majority in this country. but lets have a look at bloggers and things look quite different."

"i am therefore still convinced, that had the a-list romandie bloggers pulled in their weight and mobilised their readers via their blogs we might easily look at quite a different picture right now, with 4 of the 5 being from romandie/ticino. and that would have been fine according to our approach."

I get the feeling he is laying the blame on the French/Italian-speaking bloggers themselves. If they did not get nominated, it is not becauseof a botched mechanism, but because we didn't do what we should have to be nominated.

I hope I'm over-interpreting Jan's comment about this, but for the moment I don't see the SBAW taking responsability for the linguistic disbalance in the nominees.

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Bloglines - [Meta] Top Forum Members

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Embedded is a live and ticking count of the forum users. This is great way to monitor activites and membership !!

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[Meta] Top Forum Members

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There's a new top forum members lists here. [Thanks Wouter Schut!] (Full post)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Bloglines - Sold!

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who is Ingrid Diaz ?? will she and jeremy help me sell my blog ?? :)-

Ensight - Jeremy Wright's Personal Blog
business & tech & jeremy Sold!

By Jeremy Wright on Blogging

Good times! As per the post by Jeff and Thomas, the sale is official!

Here’s a bit from their communication to the community:

We are pleased to announce that BlogExplosion has been sold to Stephen Sartain and a group of private investors this weekend. We had competitive bids all through last week and finally was decided on Saturday afternoon.

Stephen has bought two sites from us previously with great results and has extensive experience running sites like BlogExplosion. Our final closing price was in the six figures and well beyond our minimum bid of $100,000. We also want to extend a huge thanks to Jeremy Wright for doing an amazing job brokering the sale of BlogExplosion for us.

Yep. My first six figure sale. Thanks to the team that helped out, specifically Ingrid Diaz for the incredible help putting together a kickass buyer’s package PDF in under 24 hours. I’m really, really happy for the team. Of course you always want to see a client get more, more, more, but this is a really good deal with someone the entire team is happy with.

All around, a great little project. I know I said this last time, but I have no plans on making brokering sales a full-time or even regular activity. As with The Blog Herald’s sale, it was mainly helping out folk who weren’t getting the kind of offer they deserved. And, while I’m sure that’s actually the norm, I do have my own little company to run (along with Shai, Duncan and Darren) and will be staying away from much of this kind of stuff for at least the next few months.

Unless someone wants me to give me a million dollars to sell a site ;-)


Bloglines - The A-list Blogger Circle Jerk

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Another round of A-Listers and the suck up , bend over and grease up attitude !! Randy digs the story well :)-

Take time to Follow te linky's !!

iBLOGthere4iM   iBLOGthere4iM
Randy Charles Morin blogs for the sake of blogging.

The A-list Blogger Circle Jerk

In blogging

Ever wonder how the A-list blogger circle jerk works? What happens is that some non a-list blogger picks up on a news-worthy item. Then an a-list blogger reads his blog or comments he makes other-place and post about the issue without linking up the original blogger. Then another a-list bloggers links him up. Of course, there's no a-list.


Bloglines - He's got perfect puppy dog eyyyyyes

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This is cute :)-

Cute Overload
At Cute Overload™, we scour the Web for only the finest in Cute Imagery. Imagery that is Worth Your Internet Browsing Time. We offer an overwhelming amount of cuteness to fill your daily visual allowance. Drink it in!

He's got perfect puppy dog eyyyyyes

By Meg on Pups

Buddy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ehibits picture-perfect puppy-dog eyes and puffy schnozzle. I have to ask you guys, though—there should be a name for the puffy area around the nose—you know, the place where whiskers eminate?! it's so prosh—what is that area called? Is it cheek puff?


Take him for a walk, Joy M.! :)

Bloglines - BPM Implementation Pitfalls

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Hahaha- Sandy finds herself included in an article and she does not know what this means !!

Point to note- Sandy actually writes well. I learn what's happening in the BPM world from her. She's a good source :)-

Column 2
Sandy Kemsley's blog on business process management, enterprise architecture, business intelligence and technology in business.

BPM Implementation Pitfalls


Although the AIIM E-DOC magazine site still shows the January/February issue, you can find the link to the article that I wrote for the March/April issue here (or check out the dead-tree version of the publication). In this article, I highlight three major pitfalls that can occur during BPM system implementations:

  • Over-customization
  • Allowing the business to design the solution
  • Applying the wrong BPM tool

A couple of oddities in the online version: the entire last section is in boldface, rather than just the first header sentence ("Apply the wrong BPM tool") in that section; and my mini-bio at the end states "Sandy Kemsley has BPM experience from the lenses vendor, user, and, currently, consultant experience." I have no idea what that means, but enjoy the article.

Digg Story: Get Your Blog Noticed!

Thought you might want to check this out.

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"Get Your Blog Noticed!"
Alec has moved the knob with some sound advice on how to get your blog noticed. Good Reading to promote your blog onto Broadway !!
+2 people dugg this story

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Bloglines - Blogger Problems?

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Outage / service distruptuions of last nite being noted here too..

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Blogger Problems?

By Ionut Alex. Chitu

Very weird. In the latest 4-5 hours, Blogger has some strange problems: I couldn't save or edit posts, republish the blog. Blogger remains at 0% in an infinite loop. [I know Philipp is smiling...]

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bloglines - An Unwanted Journey: Day 0150 - Serious Complications

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I only met Don once, when we had the Shel / Shoeless joe event. but from that day (mar/6th) I began takin his feeds and I find myself humbled by the strength that he has !!

I sincerly wish that he slowly recovers.

An Unwanted Journey: Don Spencer's Battle with Cancer
Although my blog started without a specific theme, this has changed dramatically. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in November 2005. My blog is now dedicated primarily to lessons learned about battling cancer.

An Unwanted Journey: Day 0150 - Serious Complications

By Don Spencer

This entry will be short.

First, thanks to Ian for filling in for me when the most I could do was breathe. Second, thanks for family and friends for visiting and taking care of me as I suffered through more complications arising from surgery.

My brother died of a massive coronary almost four years ago. It now appears that was almost my fate. Tuesday morning, I collapsed at home. After being admitted first to emergency, then to the cardiac care unit, and just today into a standard medical ward, I have run through many tests.

The most important was the lung scan which shows multiple clots (pulmonary embolisms). The next most important was the ultrasound showing possible renal failure and bladder spasms.

What evidently happened was that a clot travelled to my heart, broke up in the heart and then shot out multiple minor clots to the lungs. This elevated by pulse rate and left me short of breath and in danger of a heart attack similar to what killed my brother.

I am now on heparin to thin the blood and dissipate the clots. But I have also had to catheterize again (removing 2-3 litres of urine and blood each day). In addition, I am starting an antibiotic to fight an infection which is probably in the bladder. I still can't move much at all. In fact, I am most comfortable when I don't move at all, simply letting sleep and drugs work their wonders.

I have had a blood tranfusion, iron pills, multivitamins, aspirin, pentaloc (for the bloody ulcer), Tylenol to fight the fever, etc. I've almost lost track of everything I take.

One good thing is that I have regained a minimal appetite, colour in the cheeks, and some coherency in speech again. My haemoglobin levels are rebounding and I do not have the C-Difficile infection that the intensivist first thought might be the case. The precaution was to put me into contact isolation in the cardiac care unit. This meant everyone who came into my room had to gown and wear gloves. Now that the infection has been ruled out, we're back to monitoring the blood thinners and emptying the bladder through the catheter.

I don't know when I'll be home again. I also don't know when I'll be able to walk further than a few feet to the washroom. Maybe soon. Early next week, there will be further tests, including more ultrasounds and lung scans to see the effect of the treatment. In the meantime, I'm just doing what I'm told to do, eating when I can, resting as much as possible, and dreaming of being at home with my family again.

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Bloglines - signing in/out

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He also caught the change happening on security policy.!!

This is the first wave containment for single sign service offering !

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signing in/out

By Brinke Guthrie

why is it that each time i go to my personal page, i have to sign in? i have cookies enabled.

Bloglines - Hu's Heckler: Online fallout

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When I get home. I must watch the video. Rebecca alwasy has some insight on the issues with china and the freedom of speech and democracy. I wonder how come she is not been deemed as 'non welcome' status in china ? What do they call it "perso non grata" status ??

Musings, links, and occasional rants by Rebecca MacKinnon, a recovering TV reporter-turned-blogger.

Hu's Heckler: Online fallout

By Rebecca MacKinnon on Human Rights

Thanks to Jeremy Goldkorn for pointing out that somebody has uploaded the CNN video of Chinese President Hu Jintao being heckled by a FLG practitioner during his speech at the White House on Thursday. Chinese censors may have blacked out the live TV signal and all CNN replays, but it's all over the internet. And Chinese chatrooms are re-posting and analyzing the photos from the Great White House Lawn Debacle. This one (via Imagethief) has a shot of Mrs. Hu, scowling next to a smiling Laura Bush.

Wwy2001 Meanwhile Roland Soong over at ESWN digs up a rather fascinating revelation: according to photos on this website belonging to photographer Darrin Zammit Lupi, Dr. Wang Wenyi - Thursday's heckler who was accredited into the official press coverage pool via the FLG-run publication Epoch Times - also managed to break through the security detail and confronted former President Jiang Zemin when he was on a trip to Malta in 2001. I have e-mailed the photographer asking him to confirm the authenticity of this photo and describe what happened in detail. When he gets back to me I'll update this post.

Chinese netizens were already speculating that the White House or somebody in the U.S. government had allowed her into the press stand on purpose, given how long it took before she was led away. (Roland quotes more such speculation here.) Then there's the added issuse that even many Chinese who dislike their regime equally dislike FLG. For a taste of those sentiments check out Bingfeng here and here. I have a lot of Chinese friends who share similar views - people who also have a habit of saying very unflattering things in private about various Chinese leaders and government departments.

But what has really upset a lot of Chinese people was Bush's rude and very public yank on Hu's sleeve. See Imagethief's post about the reaction of his Chinese co-workers. Lead sentence: "They think Bush is a protocol-impaired dweeb."

The saddest thing about Thursday's White House Lawn Diplo-Debacle is that many Chinese who generally dislike the Chinese Communist Party have now turned against the U.S. government. Roland cites a Hong Kong newspaper poll with the following results:

Issue: The White House master of ceremony announced the playing of the national anthem of the Republic of China.
    - 33% said that the American goverment deliberate set this up to insult China
    - 21% said that the American government was of poor quality
    - 23% said that it was an unintentional mistake
Issue: When the female FLG member disrupted Hu Jintao's speech, she was allowed to go on for almost three minutes before the secret service agents removed her.
    - 79% said that the American government should apologize
    -   9% said that the American government should not apologize

Issue: How should China protest against what occurred?
    - 43% said China should demand an apology from the American government
    - 22% said China should lodge a diplomatic protest
    -   6% said China should cancel the recently signed purchase contracts

Issue: Do you think that the United States is a trustworthy partner?
    - 17% said USA is a trustworthy partner
    - 62% said USA is not a trustworthy partner

Youch. And this is from people in relatively Westernized Hong Kong.

For more news and blogger coverage from Reuters and Global Voices Online, click here:

Reuters - U.S. - China Relations

Bloglines - Cloudsat launch rescheduled

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This is why I love Susan. :)- she cuts a post which gives clean crisp details. Its like being in the darn control room at T-48 seconds !!

2020 Hindsight
Liveblogging the development of the atomic bomb. (with a 60 year timeshift)

Cloudsat launch rescheduled

By Susan A. Kitchens on Space

The launch was scrubbed.

Today’s attempt to launch the CALIPSO and CloudSat satellites was scrubbed at T-48 seconds due to loss of the primary and backup phone communications between the Mission Director Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) Space Command in Toulouse, France.

So. Tonight, stay up to watch a meteor shower. Then, just at dawn, watch for launch plume. Launch is at 6:02 am. So it might be viewable from further south in Southern California. My bad: 6:02 am Eastern, which is 3:02 am Pacific. The window is open for a mere split second.

(I know a couple of people who are attending the launch. It’s gotta be disappointing to have it scrubbed at T-minus 48 seconds. It certainly was a bummer in 2002 when Space Shuttle Endeavor was scrubbed at T-minus 20 minutes. But that’s how it goes.)


Bloglines - The Long Tail

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Father od the long tail -has the book cover completed- nice !!

John Battelle's Searchblog
Thoughts on the intersection of search, media, technology, and more.

The Long Tail

In Book Related

LongtailChris' cover is done. Congrats (and it's quite something how those NY publishers will push Google onto the cover, eh buddy?! Awfully nice quote from Eric!)

Bloglines - Why Net neutrality matters

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A nice post here. Short and sweet craving of end2end principle in 5 impact areas !

Joho the Blog
How business, culture and politics look from inside my own personal Internet bubble...

Why Net neutrality matters

In digital rights

Net neutrality (formerly known as the end-to-end principle) means that the people who provide connections to the Internet don't get to favor some bits over others. This principle is not only under attack, it's about to be regulated out of existence. Here's why it matters:

Innovation. Innovation on the Internet happens in Internet time because bits flow freely. A good idea can compete even if it comes from a kid in a garage because the kid doesn't have to ask permission and doesn't have to raise enough capital to make sure his bits are moving as quickly and reliably as everyone else's. If the carriers are allowed to charge for speedy and reliable delivery, the people most affected will be the beginners and the garage shops.

Open markets. In a non-neutral environment, carriers can provide incentives for using one service and disincentives for using others. For example, Shaw (a major Canadian cableco) offers its own Internet telephone service, but charges users $10/month to use anyone else's. The dominant — and frequently monopolistic — market positions held by carriers therefore gets extended into the market for online services.

Free speech. AOL recently "accidentally" blocked email critical of it. Canada's version of AT&T, Telus, blocked access to a site supporting workers with whom it was negotiating. How long before providers routinely block access to sites they deem inappropriate for their customers, for their customers' own good, of course?

Creativity. Net neutrality is being legislated away in part to make the Internet safe for Hollywood content. Carriers already block users from being full-fledged creators on the Internet by providing paltry upload capacity. Why allow the carriers to give fast-lane preference to Hollywood's content? And why give them the power to restrict content they think may rile the copyright totalitarians?

Democracy. Remember when democracy had something to do with all people being equal? With ensuring that our institutions don't get too powerful? Net neutrality has made the Internet a great equalizer, not just for Americans but for voices around the world. The end of Net neutrality puts control over the flow of bits in the hands of powers that are literally entrenched.

Net neutrality counts. Check to see how you can help. [Tags: ]

Fw: Posted Successfully

I don't understand why typepad sent me this when I tried mobile posting!!

Nothing got posted, yet I get a confirm.

Sent via BlackBerry on the Bell Mobility network

-----Original Message-----
From: TypePad <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 21:13:18
Subject: Posted Successfully

Bloglines - Free calls...hmmmm..lemme try...

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JonJon is using skype and evaluting another another app skinned or what ??

Free international calls to landlines thats sweet !!

Need to followup with him !!

Easy like sunday morning
Vlogging my life in Canada...

Free calls...hmmmm..lemme try...

By JoN

Free internet calls, yeah I have Skype to use for free calls but this one program I'm talking about is a freebie too. You need a broadband connection, pc, mic..that's it. It will instantly connect to a landline. Pretty amazing. I'll try to use it and keep you posted if it really works.

I am fascinated with their advertisement because if you dial in some countries, it is actually a free call.

Definitely, I'll try it and post the result later.

You can check them out at

*ps- I'm not paid for this advertisement..whew! I wish! hehehe

Bloglines - Yahoo! Maps, Your Way

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they also are now are no going full stream ahead into the maposphere -- API and all !!

Thats nice google needs healthy competetion !! :)_

Yahoo! Search blog
A look inside the world of search from the people of Yahoo!

Yahoo! Maps, Your Way

It's hard to believe it's only been a week since we released global and satellite data on Yahoo! Maps. Thanks very much to all of you who are trying out the new beta version. We're definitely listening and taking notes for the future, so please continue to send in or blog your feedback - good, bad and otherwise.

Folks have also noticed our Yahoo! Maps APIs. These are available for you to publish maps on your website, blog or homepage, free of charge. You can have dynamic and interactive Yahoo! Maps running in no time. All of our syndicated APIs offer the following features:

  • Fast loading global maps that are draggable, pannable, zoomable and customizable
  • 3 map views, Regular, Satellite and a Hybrid mode that blends the two
  • Built-in premium geo-coding, enter an address and go
  • Customizable overlays, interactive map markers (pushpins) and information windows
  • Easy to follow guides and a community dedicated to getting you up and running

Each API also has a bunch of cool features, so prepare to geek out:

Yahoo! Maps AJAX API

  • Support for custom overlays at YGeoPoints that move with the map or YCoordPoint coordinates that hover over the map allows you to easily place your own HTML elements on the map
  • Extension of our Overlay class including transition states for markers on the map, expand open/close, hide, unhide, change image and smart window border color control to name a few
  • Built in "add marker by address" functionality without the need to know your latitude/longitude
  • Create custom dynamic maps with XML data in GeoRSS format, we do all the geocoding for you
  • Upgraded pan & zoom controls and a new map Navigator widget
  • Integrated keyboard shortcuts
  • Extended supported events list, enhanced event handling now supports custom context and multiple callbacks registration, as well as YGeoPoint return for click type events
  • Enabled by default auto resize with % width/height container size definition
  • An advanced built-in logger to help you debug complex Maps implementations
  • Improved memory management that is nearly leak-free in all browsers

Yahoo! Maps Flash APIs

  • Available in 3 flavors: JS, Flash and Flex. Collect them all!
  • Easy drop-in code or components
  • Most methods including changing location, zoom level, map view type, adding widgets (Navigator, Satellite Control) and panning can be done with just a few lines of code
  • Improvements to panning and zooming
  • Simple overlays let you add dynamic data, including Live Traffic and Yahoo! Local Search results

Not sure where to start? Give the Simple API a try and see how easy it is to get started. Jeffrey from Yahoo! Developer Network even built a tool that can help you use Excel to build a map.

Whichever API you choose, please know that you will always get the same up to date and reliable service that powers Yahoo! Maps. Just this week, we made some additional data updates and made the maps easier to read when printed.

May all your map apps continue to flourish!

Mirek Grymuza
Chuck Freedman
Vince Maniago
Yahoo! Maps

Bloglines - Benkler's book is out

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Lessig is telling me to read this before picking a side !! What has intrigued him, this book matters the most in the lasr decade of his life. So its the no#1 book in the last ten yrs !!

Now, thats an eye opener.. coming from Lessing !!

Lessig Blog
Lessig's blog.

Benkler's book is out

By Lessig


Yochai Benkler's book, The Weath of Networks, is out. This is -- by far -- the most important and powerful book written in the fields that matter most to me in the last ten years. If there is one book you read this year, it should be this. The book has a wiki; it can be downloaded as a pdf for free under a Creative Commons license; or it can be bought at places like Amazon.

Read it. Understand it. You are not serious about these issues -- on either side of these debates -- unless you have read this book.

Bloglines - The connection between innovation and globalization

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An interedting, thought process here with true interlecutal capital !!

Innovation Weblog
The Innovation Weblog is a meta-index of the latest innovation trends, news, technology, resources and viewpoints. It covers topics including innovation research and best practices and strategies, innovation management, business use of Weblogs for ideation and collaboration, and much more.

The connection between innovation and globalization

In a post on the IDC eXchange weblog, Frank Gens makes an intriguing connection between the growth of innovation and globalization. According to his analysis of this issue, companies in developed countries can't afford to out-compete their rivals in India, China and other developing markets based on wages. Their only choice is to out-innovate their overseas competitors.

Bloglines - Thank You James Nagelberg [4]

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I dont belive this !! He actually used a copy of the treaty to wrap up a mug !!!!

ArmsControlWonk | an arms control weblog

Thank You James Nagelberg [4]

By jeffrey

I received the following note in the mail yesterday, from reader and friend James Nagelberg.

The note accompanied a box containing a sweet Y-12 mug (shown at right) packed in crumpled paper. For those of you who don’t know:

The Y‑12 National Security Complex is a premier manufacturing facility dedicated to making our nation and the world a safer place. Operated by BWXT Y‑12 for the National Nuclear Security Administration, Y‑12 plays a vital role in the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Weapons Complex.

Y‑12 helps ensure a safe and reliable U.S. nuclear weapons deterrent. We also retrieve and store nuclear materials, fuel the nation’s naval reactors, and perform complementary work for other government and private-sector entities.

I nearly fell out my chair laughing when I realized what James meant by &#8220;a response to critics of the NPT that say the Treaty isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.” James had packed my mug in a crumpled print-out of the Treaty.

I guess we do have a response my friend. Thanks, man. The next round is on me.

Bloglines - BarCamp Mixer Ends with Sens Victory Over Lightning

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I see that Dave Crow is enjoying the Game and BarCamp fun too !!

Alec Saunders .LOG
Alec Saunders' personal soapbox on World Events, Canadian Politics, and the Technology Business. Ingredients include a little wine, and a lot of VoIP.

BarCamp Mixer Ends with Sens Victory Over Lightning

By Alec on Canada

Barcamp Ottawa kicked off this evening with a small mixer at the Fox and Feather on Elgin street.  It was great to see so many friends, and meet new people.  Bryce shot some photos, which I’ve uploaded to this flickr set, and tagged BarCampOttawa.  This is a particular representative shot showing me, David Crowe with a beer in his hand (does it ever leave his hand?) and Sutha Kamal checking his email on his Treo (does it ever leave his hand?).

Crow having a beer

An evening of beer, geeky chat, and a winning hockey game!  What could be more fun. 

Speaking of hockey, it was a close game until the third, when the Sens creamed the Lightning.  The last twenty minutes were very exciting hockey.  For a little fun, here’s the This Hour Has 22 Minutes Locker-room Interview with the Sens.  Enjoy!

Go Sens Go!

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Bloglines - Geologists Drill Into Fossil Magma Chamber Deep Under the Ocean

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what this ?? "gabbro: a hard, black rock"

how can this used and why so deep ?? Alternative fossil fuels ??

Science Blog -

Geologists Drill Into Fossil Magma Chamber Deep Under the Ocean

By BJS on geoscience

Scientists aboard the research drilling ship JOIDES Resolution have, for the first time, drilled into a fossil magma chamber under intact ocean crust. There, 1.4 kilometers beneath the sea floor, they have recovered samples of gabbro: a hard, black rock that forms when molten magma is trapped beneath Earth's surface and cools slowly.

read more


Bloglines - Dive in!

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a bundle of happines or a circle of contentment ??

Cute Overload
At Cute Overload™, we scour the Web for only the finest in Cute Imagery. Imagery that is Worth Your Internet Browsing Time. We offer an overwhelming amount of cuteness to fill your daily visual allowance. Drink it in!

Dive in!

By Meg on Kittens



Submitter "Anders" is pretty sure there are eleven kittens!!!11!!

Bloglines - Merlin >> Functionality on Flickr (Help)

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heres anther proposition for flicker.. tracking the conversations on flicker.

Merlin is doing some great stuff here actually. A lot of personal attention data can be culled via in interface like this.

coComment - Clear conversation in the blogosphere   coComments related to Merlin
coComments related to Merlin

Merlin >> Functionality on Flickr (Help)

Merlin says:

I just did a test and did not have a problem.

When you press the bookmarklet on flickr, do you get the green checkbox? Do you get a small window saying that the message was sent to cocomment?

Bloglines - Wicked Laser Nexus Review

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need this for those darn stupid stupid..ppt presentations with 12-14 size fonts that em folk always give .. ... pinpoint the defiencies !!

Laser beam to whiteboard.. need min 30 ft beam

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Wicked Laser Nexus Review

By Andru Edwards on Misc. Tech, Product Reviews, Science

Wicked Laser

Our boy, David Ponce, over at OhGizmo has just posted up a review of the Wicked Laser Nexus. This is the green laser that we featured in Episode 4 of The Bleeding Edge, and in our quick review of Wicked Laser products. These things are, um, Wicked in every sense. Check…

Friday, April 21, 2006

Bloglines - Microsoft Live Drive may launch before GDrive

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why is mike pushing the envelope here ??

TechCrunch is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing every newly launched web 2.0 business, product and service. We are part of the Archimedes Ventures Network of Companies.

Microsoft Live Drive may launch before GDrive

By Michael Arrington on

Microsoft is building an online storage service, code named Live Drive, says Ray Ozzie in an interview with Fortune:

Microsoft is planning to use its server farms to offer anyone huge amounts of online storage of digital data. It even has a name for that future service: Live Drive. With Live Drive, all your information - movies, music, tax information, a high-definition videoconference you had with your grandmother, whatever - could be accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Ray also mentioned web storage in an executive staff memo published by Dave Winer last October. See “Seamless OS” under “The Opportunities”.

I am banging down every door I know at Microsoft to get more information on this, but I don’t expect further comments. From what I am hearing around the valley, Google Drive is a 2007 product at best, largely because of product priorities and business model issues. According to sources, Google is trying to work out a way to provide the service for free (and there are very large bandwidth and storage costs with storage, obviously).

If Microsoft pushes this, they’ll be first. More on this story from Mary Jo Foley.

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Bloglines - Search Engine Secrets Revealed

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nice posting. SEO is a whole new ball of wax with mobile. Need to pick up chatter on authors of this posting.

TP Wire Service

Search Engine Secrets Revealed

In Technology

Strategy consultant and search engine optimization guru Jason McQueen discusses techniques that will boost your site's search rankings. Webmonkey interview by Bryan Zilar.

Bloglines - New Google Products ?

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From the Thought Platform !!

Thought Flickr's
The PeterDawson Home of Thought !! A SlashPD Production (/pd)

New Google Products ?

By /pd

Is Google going to launch any new products ?

Hereare 2 more clues that Google might be developing Power Point and Excel competitors: .org .info(.com owned by 3rd party) .net .org .info

I trolled t Grid and this is what I find on 'offically registered domain" of google's :)-


Bloglines - UPS earnings review

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From the SCMv2.0 platform !!

A Strategist - who is cutting the future in a Supply Chain Management paradigm !! Disclaimer : I work for UPS-SCS, Inc. The opinions expressed here are my own, or in the case of comments, are the opinions of the comment authors. Neither UPS-SCS, Inc nor any other party necessarily agrees with any postings, and I reserve the right to alter my opinions on any topic discussed here.

UPS earnings review

By /pd on Web/Tech

Heres the earning review for UPS/Q1-06. UPS projected first-quarter earnings in a range of 85 cents to 89 cents. Analysts polled by Thomson Financial expect UPS to post profit of 88 cents on sales of $11.15 billion. Update [via AP] - Actuals filed with SEC Earnings jumped to $975 million, or 89 cents per share, from $882 million, or 78 cents per share, in the year-ago quarter, but margins at the company's supply chain solutions business were disappointing. The unit handles customer logistics ranging from warehousing to inventory planning....

Bloglines - Fluxiom Just Launched!!

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Orli's doing good !!

She's is cutting information before other players. For example Pete cuts it later here;

A Blog About Web 2.0 Technology

Fluxiom Just Launched!!

By Orli Yakuel

I was just getting update now about the launching of fluxiom!
It's a great Ajax Web 2.0 asset management.
I wrote about
fluxiom application before so all I can add
is that you have to check it your self.

fluxiom offers 30 days of free trial. For continue using the service you'll have to pay the price of 9Euro a month.


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Bloglines - Forget Free WiFi, FON Wants To Knock Off Mobile Operators

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While google buy them out ?? After all they want to be a wifi player too correct ?? I see another side here

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Forget Free WiFi, FON Wants To Knock Off Mobile Operators

By Carlo

A company called FON grabbed some blog publicity a little while ago with its plan to set up a global network of WiFi hotspots, letting people choose whether they wanted to be a "Linus", offering free access, or a "Bill", and charging for access. If you're a Linus, you also get free access to the rest of the network, if you're a Bill, you have to pay. Now, the company's founder is saying how he wants to create a ubiquitous network, and unseat mobile operators by letting people make VoIP calls over it. That sounds great, in theory, but a ubiquitious WiFi network is a vastly different animal than a cellular network when it comes to voice calls. It's doubtful that FON's network -- assuming it ever got enough coverage -- could support handoffs from one access point to another, making the system much more nomadic than mobile. Also, so many of these companies seem to be dramatically underestimating the effort involved in actually providing service to and supporting customers when it comes to voice telephony. Simply throwing up the network and pointing people to VoIP applications isn't enough. Who do customers call when something goes wrong? What sort of guarantees about service will they get, and from who? It's a problem that many of these VoIP companies are going to face, particularly ones that charge for service -- while keeping operations lean cuts costs, it also limits the customer service they can provide, which will eventually hit their uptake if they want to ever grow beyond early adopters.

Bloglines - Los Angeles, New York, New Zealand? Collaboration Guru Michael Sampson Joins Foldera

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Need to follow this up.

M told me this : "You hit the nail on the head --- it's how many people stick around that will be truly interesting.

I hope you'll take Foldera for a spin once we release beta accounts in early May, and then post your reaction - good and bad. We have much to learn from people such as yourself.

Best, M.

Michael Sampson
Global VP of Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Foldera, Inc.

foldera - blog
The weblog of

Los Angeles, New York, New Zealand? Collaboration Guru Michael Sampson Joins Foldera

By Michael Sampson on MikeSampson

Working from New Zealand for a US-based company as a marketing guy is a huge testimony to the power of the Internet to enable collaboration over remote distances. I am amazed that I get to live in the middle of nowhere and yet carry on conversations with people all over the world. So where actually do I work? If I worked for Foldera out of Huntington Beach, the view from my office would look something like this …sampson1.jpgHowever, I actually work from home in the middle of nowhere in the South Island of New Zealand, and so the view from my office window is this … Photo 2

(yes, that’s the clothes drying on the left hand side, the garden (all 140m2 of it!), and the chickens off to the right. Over the fence our farmer neighbour is growing some sort of crop, and there’s often 100-200 sheep or so over there too.)

Now “working from home” may give the impression that I’m cooped up in a corner of a bedroom, or relegated out to a cold dank garage, or stuck precariously in the laundry cupboard. Not in this case! Actually, I have 24m2 of dedicated office space, and I think my setup is pretty awesome. Wanna see it?

Photo 3
This is my “writing and doing” desk, or command central for talking with customers, prospects, thinkers, and my Foldera colleagues. I have a great range of hardware available: to the left of the screen is a 17” Toshiba laptop, then a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC connected to a Philips 23” monitor, and finally a 23” Apple Cinema Display connected to an Apple Powerbook 15”. You might be able to make out some of the other gadgets around the desk too … a Treo 600 (a bit long in the tooth now, but it’s my current cell phone), a BlackBerry 8700 (which I’m evaluating, and am so far pleased with), and an accursed HP iPAQ hx2495 which has utterly failed to live up to my expectations. Oh well.

Photo 4

When I want a break away from being surrounded by screens, I walk 3 metres (yes, that’s how we spell it, and yes, that’s the measurement we use for distance down here) over to my “thinking desk”. No computers in sight … just lots of room for clear thinking, strategizing, and future planning. Being able to lay out my thoughts on paper with a nice pen in hand is a key part of my strategy for productivity.

So in the future when you and I get to talk, either by email or Skype, this is where I’ll be. I’m looking forward to it.

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