Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bloglines - Free calls...hmmmm..lemme try...

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JonJon is using skype and evaluting another another app skinned or what ??

Free international calls to landlines thats sweet !!

Need to followup with him !!

Easy like sunday morning
Vlogging my life in Canada...

Free calls...hmmmm..lemme try...

By JoN

Free internet calls, yeah I have Skype to use for free calls but this one program I'm talking about is a freebie too. You need a broadband connection, pc, mic..that's it. It will instantly connect to a landline. Pretty amazing. I'll try to use it and keep you posted if it really works.

I am fascinated with their advertisement because if you dial in some countries, it is actually a free call.

Definitely, I'll try it and post the result later.

You can check them out at

*ps- I'm not paid for this advertisement..whew! I wish! hehehe

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