Monday, April 24, 2006

Bloglines - Sold!

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who is Ingrid Diaz ?? will she and jeremy help me sell my blog ?? :)-

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By Jeremy Wright on Blogging

Good times! As per the post by Jeff and Thomas, the sale is official!

Here’s a bit from their communication to the community:

We are pleased to announce that BlogExplosion has been sold to Stephen Sartain and a group of private investors this weekend. We had competitive bids all through last week and finally was decided on Saturday afternoon.

Stephen has bought two sites from us previously with great results and has extensive experience running sites like BlogExplosion. Our final closing price was in the six figures and well beyond our minimum bid of $100,000. We also want to extend a huge thanks to Jeremy Wright for doing an amazing job brokering the sale of BlogExplosion for us.

Yep. My first six figure sale. Thanks to the team that helped out, specifically Ingrid Diaz for the incredible help putting together a kickass buyer’s package PDF in under 24 hours. I’m really, really happy for the team. Of course you always want to see a client get more, more, more, but this is a really good deal with someone the entire team is happy with.

All around, a great little project. I know I said this last time, but I have no plans on making brokering sales a full-time or even regular activity. As with The Blog Herald’s sale, it was mainly helping out folk who weren’t getting the kind of offer they deserved. And, while I’m sure that’s actually the norm, I do have my own little company to run (along with Shai, Duncan and Darren) and will be staying away from much of this kind of stuff for at least the next few months.

Unless someone wants me to give me a million dollars to sell a site ;-)


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