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Bloglines - steph >> Swiss Blog Awards: cool down (Lunch over IP)

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What is steph yak yakin on this thread ? and what is the fight about ?? I kind lost the thread of converstions as I am only sub'ing to Stephs feed..

Anyhoot - "linguistic disbalance" =-seems new to me.. how does one become disblanced because of what language they speak ?? ..need to follow up and read more

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steph >> Swiss Blog Awards: cool down (Lunch over IP)

steph says:

Bruno, I agree with what you say here. In particular, I'm totally convinced that there was no "evil design" in the way things were planned and went along.

However, I'm not entirely with you (for the moment) when you say the organizers have recognized the mistake in their nomination process ("They have recognized it and already committed to correct that in a way or another, transparently, next year...")

When I hear Jan say this:

"the linguisic majority argument does not hold up imho. not at all, i must say. of course swiss germans are the numeric majority in this country. but lets have a look at bloggers and things look quite different."

"i am therefore still convinced, that had the a-list romandie bloggers pulled in their weight and mobilised their readers via their blogs we might easily look at quite a different picture right now, with 4 of the 5 being from romandie/ticino. and that would have been fine according to our approach."

I get the feeling he is laying the blame on the French/Italian-speaking bloggers themselves. If they did not get nominated, it is not becauseof a botched mechanism, but because we didn't do what we should have to be nominated.

I hope I'm over-interpreting Jan's comment about this, but for the moment I don't see the SBAW taking responsability for the linguistic disbalance in the nominees.

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