Friday, April 28, 2006

Bloglines - My Thoughts Are My Password, Verify Me

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My Thoughts Are My Password, Verify Me

By Mike

It seems that every few months a story pops up about advances in mind-controlled computer interfaces. It's important research in many ways, especially for people who have been paralyzed. However, it's clearly only at the earliest stages -- and some question if it will ever get that much further. Wired News is looking at the possibility of one day being able to use your thoughts as your password for better security. The idea being that the computer would recognize your specific brainwaves, that couldn't easily be copied by someone else. Some people believe this will never happen, as distinguishing on that fine a level of brainwaves might be impossible. However, even if it was possible, you have to wonder how effective it would be. It could work for normal logging in... but how does it work when you don't want to log in, but someone else wants you to? Ever try to not think about a certain thing? Our brains aren't really wired that way.

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