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Bloglines - Cloudsat launch rescheduled

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This is why I love Susan. :)- she cuts a post which gives clean crisp details. Its like being in the darn control room at T-48 seconds !!

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Cloudsat launch rescheduled

By Susan A. Kitchens on Space

The launch was scrubbed.

Today’s attempt to launch the CALIPSO and CloudSat satellites was scrubbed at T-48 seconds due to loss of the primary and backup phone communications between the Mission Director Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) Space Command in Toulouse, France.

So. Tonight, stay up to watch a meteor shower. Then, just at dawn, watch for launch plume. Launch is at 6:02 am. So it might be viewable from further south in Southern California. My bad: 6:02 am Eastern, which is 3:02 am Pacific. The window is open for a mere split second.

(I know a couple of people who are attending the launch. It’s gotta be disappointing to have it scrubbed at T-minus 48 seconds. It certainly was a bummer in 2002 when Space Shuttle Endeavor was scrubbed at T-minus 20 minutes. But that’s how it goes.)


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