Monday, April 24, 2006

Bloglines - BPM Implementation Pitfalls

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Hahaha- Sandy finds herself included in an article and she does not know what this means !!

Point to note- Sandy actually writes well. I learn what's happening in the BPM world from her. She's a good source :)-

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BPM Implementation Pitfalls


Although the AIIM E-DOC magazine site still shows the January/February issue, you can find the link to the article that I wrote for the March/April issue here (or check out the dead-tree version of the publication). In this article, I highlight three major pitfalls that can occur during BPM system implementations:

  • Over-customization
  • Allowing the business to design the solution
  • Applying the wrong BPM tool

A couple of oddities in the online version: the entire last section is in boldface, rather than just the first header sentence ("Apply the wrong BPM tool") in that section; and my mini-bio at the end states "Sandy Kemsley has BPM experience from the lenses vendor, user, and, currently, consultant experience." I have no idea what that means, but enjoy the article.

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