Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Twit's that make you go hmmmmmmm..part#3

This list of FAv's for this month (March).   Jan's is here, Feb is here

Scandalous Passions make sacrifices not only worthwhile, but will make your world stop instantly if only for a moment
brycej I've worked for a MSFT partner for 9yrs. It is "amusing" when every once in a while I hear someone from MSFT say PARTNER but mean MINION :-)
anniemal some student just had the gall to ask me what all of ur doing on here when u should be working. I told him 2 call me 2 yrs into his 1st job.
ThinGuy Getting ready to coach the 5 year olds. No, it never does stop. From 5 AM until about 11 PM. Lather, rinse, repeat. For the next 20 yrs
mathewi @rhh: maybe she's the @jasoncalacanis of dogs -- trying to get the most friends :-)
Pistachio Smugness: "Arrogance without talent." -A.W.
shelisrael The magistrate looked puzzled: "Gandhi, surely you don't expect the British to just pick up & leave India?" "I surely do," Gandhi said.
vaspersthegrate Twitter is a good recording of how petty are the minds and how shallow are the lives of the A Listers you so greatly admire and emulate. LOL
MParekh Scary thought...any more time on Twitter, and I may start to dream in 140 characters
remarkk Sara D point: small content companies often build technology to solve a problem, but don't have a culture to create products; #ice08
stoweboyd I am officially giving up Del.icio.us. I am going to post 'bookmarks' in Twitter, as soon as I can work out how to get reblogging to my blog
missrogue I'm not as interested in defining what makes a Hero, but in what CREATES future heroes. That's why education is exciting to me to start
ShanZan The verse I like to live by: "Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances...."
Johnmont At some point, software development devolves into "which solution will screw the customer less." Grr.
TheVerve I wonder if the same part of the brain that makes people believe in god also makes canadians believe that Tim Hortons makes good coffee?
lonesoph1st "Bargaining is a mask that blacks can wear in the American mainstream, one that enables them to put whites at their ease." What's that mean?
mattdelves Sometimes I think that I'm smart, wise and even knowledgable. Then the God who is active in this world shows me just how much of a fool I am
dannysullivan @techcrunch i have an awesome reader. he's called @rustybrick :)
Pistachio My Grandma rocks. Always will. 98 yrs, 3 children, 7 grands, 13 greatgrands and 3 great-greats. Life of service, love, travel. She's LIVED.
javajenn @lonesoph1st Interesting fact: The next time Easter will be this early (March 23) will be the year 2228 (220 years from now)
willpate Rats, we're out of beer. <  stuartma @willpate Beer, we're out of rats >
TeteSagehen The value of your endorsement will be weighed based on your authority on topic areas, the authority of your network and their level of trust

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