Thursday, March 06, 2008

tweets that make you hmmmmmmmm

Some of my Fav's of Feb tweets, that caught my eye (comments inline  for some).  Jan's is here

ev Meeting over. No one showed up. :-)
Gidge U know your neighbors had a good party when there is a shirt covered in vomit next to their car. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. factoryjoe The Internet is serious business. randymorin On the weekend, my 4 yr old daughter told her mom when woke up in the morning that she need to check her email. anildash english-only advocates also purport to believe in free markets, yet they don't think english can compete without legislation mandating it ThomasHan K, so which one of you two's health care plans is gonna fix me of my cough. Now! graywolf @jowyang you aren't naive enough to believe all of the people who say they are women online really are women are you? vaspersthegrate In nature, no two things ever really touch each other. You don't sit "on" a chair. There's an electron layer of repulsion. Heard on CSpan. shelisrael Snow falling pretty heavily. Quite beautiful, My Italian loafers are pretty much screwed. ryancoleman ... @erinpcoleman - nope... can you grab me a beer while you're down there? thirtydaes 6 weeks without a murder qualifies Newark for the longest streak without a murder since 1961?? WTF? joshk SriSri Ravi Shankar - "The first thing we do in life is breathe, then cry. The last thing we do in life is breathe, the others cry." rhh Snow, sushi and Blue Rodeo. How very Canadian. missrogue "Love is in us. It's deeply embedded in the brain. It is our challenge to understand one another." Fisher #TED onepinktee "Love is in us, deeply embedded in the brain. Our challenge is to understand each other." Helen Fisher #TED

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ThomasHan said...

hee, good thing you know me only via Twitter so I couldn't spread the virus in person :-)

I should use the fav feature more too, good way to gather some of the good ones.