Friday, August 11, 2006

Bloglines - CrunchGear Launched Today

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Mike is foking is folio too too much. He' needs to either focus on one or the other... or does he want to become the next Alan M (read jupitermedia) for web3.0 ??


CrunchGear Launched Today

By Mike on Web2.0

I hinted at this yesterday in a post - today we launched CrunchGear, a new blog about new gadgets, gear and computer hardware.

CunchGear is going to be different from the other gadget blogs out there. The team is committed to writing about breaking news but will also be featuring weekly product comparisons in a given category. Expect CrunchGear to look like something between a pure blog and CNET Reviews. Our goal isn’t just to let you know about the hot new stuff coming out soon, but to also help you decide what kind of camera, laptop or MP3 player you want to buy as well.

More stuff coming this month…


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