Sunday, August 13, 2006

Aids 2006- live blogging

This is crazy. Steve harper not present. Co-chair Wienburg blasts the PM.

1/3rd of viticms originate from aboriginal demogrpahics
Life is the most important thing in life-micelle jean-lt.Gov of canada
Global communities need to be build for lessons of humanity.
Stigmaize and condemenation is the root problem.
By 2010 - 18 million children will have no parents- orphan creation ?
Where is the declartion of commitment ?
Bill gates present for this event.
To give up would be irresponsible.
Every life is precious in every corner of this world.

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toobusyliving said...

I was thrilled when The Globe and Mail published my letter to the Editor about this can check it out on my blog.

Corsin Camichel said...

Thats the reason why we swiss have seven "prime ministers" :) One can do that, the other this and the third has a day off