Thursday, August 03, 2006

360Degree turn around

why is Scoble's doing a 360 turn on MSFT ?
"No, now Google is holding Scoble's corporate email too! And, those servers know which emails I delete, which ones I forward, which ones I click on. It even "optimizes" those emails by pulling out spam. How nice."
Whatever happend to that exhange server post and keeping things within the enterprise ?? I remember him cribbing on gmail for corproations.. and now he is using it and praising google .. Oh welcome to the club Scobles :)- More follows, when I digg deeper into your various blog entries
Ok onto another strand..
"give  +us+ control of our "optimizations" (er, attention data) and we'll be on your side. Behave like Microsoft of old and we'll just stick with Google. "
did he jsut give a thread to MSFT ??  :)-
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Robert Scoble said...

Podtech decided on Gmail before I got there. They are seriously considering an Exchange server, cause Calendaring on Outlook is MUCH better than on Gmail and Google Calendar.